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Soylent Green screening tomorrow (August 19)

It even found its way to The Simpsons

It even found its way to The Simpsons

Ah, Charlton Heston has no idea what great advancement the films he’s starred in have made for the vegan, environmental, and animal rights movement. Watching Planet of the Apes definitely got the wheels in my mind turning thoughts about animal liberation. And Soylent Green, well, that’s just a vegan/ environmentalist classic.

Soylent Green is a 1973 science fiction movie that is set in the “future” (2022, to be exact). In this future, we’ve really trashed the planet. It’s over populated; there’s a never-ending heatwave due to global warming; and resources like meat, fruits, vegetables and water are extremely scarce—so scarce in fact that the only thing to eat is a strange government issued synthetic food product called Soylent Green. Oh, did I mention that the government also euthanizes old people at a discreet location to curb overpopulation? Hmmm… I don’t want to be a plot spoiler, so I won’t go on. I just want to encourage you to see this film.

Folks here in NYC can check out Soylent Green this weekend. There’s a free screening at Solar One environmental eduction center this Saturday (August 19) at 9pm.

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