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Spring Sprung Veg at Gourmet

This month’s issue of Gourmet magazine is vegetarian-themed, right down to editor and “Occasional Vegetarian” Ruth Reichl’s surprisingly eco- and ethically-minded front-of-the-book letter. Gourmet is a big foodie powerhouse at the newsstand and this is an equally big change for them. Most of the month’s featured recipes are vegan; just leave the parmesan out of the rest. And starting next month, each issue will include a special vegetarian section. Sure, it’s not quite Vegan Gourmet; but better occasional veg than always happy-meat eater, I’d say.

Let Gourmet know what you think here; it’s always nice to send a bit of (conditional, encouraging) feedback.

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    I tried the black bean recipe and the tofu one and DAMN, so delicious! I am a believer. I applaud the magazine for this move but there is so much disgusting stuff in there (mostly in ADS) like a proud chef holding up a friggin’ pig leg with the hoof all dangling. SICK! Just look up the page for the veggie section and avoid the rest to avoid being too upset to eat/fix dinner.