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Stream of Consciousness Review: Lagusta’s Luscious Bluestocking BonBons

I will eat these, then write about it

I will eat these, then write about it

The sharpie tattoo on my arm reads: Eat Chocolate. Review for SuperVegan.

Before me, a mini tower of BlueStocking BonBons by Lagusta’s Luscious and a glass of water (to y’know cleanse my palate and be all methodological yo). My mission, simple: eat, type, eat, type, etc.

Selma’s Peppermint Patties

Wow. Wasn’t expecting this texture at first glance; they are not soft at all. They’re damn good though. Simultaneously luscious and robust; they strike a perfect balance of mint and chocolate where neither overpowers the other. You go Selma!

Vandana Shiva’s
(Ancho Chilies, Maui Vanilla Beans and Mexican Cinnamon)

Ooooh. Texture! Spicy, smooth and Savory. I must say the texture of this piece really brings the whole experience to another level. It’s as though every flavor shines independently and dance together in your mouth. You can really taste every bit!

Pauline Benjamin’s Peanut Butter Cups

Whoa. Not sweet. The Peanut Butter Flavor definitely dominates. A bit dry but the dark chocolate acts as a nice undertone to the heavy peanut butter flavor. This is for you if you like your peanut butter with a little chocolate and not the other way around.

Furious Vulvas
(bittersweet chocolate, pink peppercorns and salt)

Mmmmmm. Spicy and Salty! The pink peppercorns and salt add a special dimension to the chocolate piece. This is definitely the smoothest of the four. Melty, luscious and smooth. The salt makes this bonbon sing. Oh. Yeah. These things totally looks like vulvas too. Ha.

The Verdict: Lagusta can throw down some damn tasty chocolate; interestingly flavored, with great packaging and would make a great gift!

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    I love the packaging, too. But, they’re not my favorite chocolates — flavoring is a bit too unbalanced for my taste buds. Rose City still wins my heart, with Sjaak’s in a close second.