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Summery Salad With A Hint Of Chip

Filed under: Food Recipes & Cooking

Greetings from the SuperVegan Test Kitchen! Want to know how to make this salad? Want to give the recipe to someone who will make it for you? Either way, this is a lovely warm-weather lunch to stuff your face with:


1/2 Dried rice of your choosing. I used Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley. It’s delicious.
1 TBSP fake chicken stock mix or any stock powder or cube you prefer
Lemon juice
2 Cucumbers. I used Persians. You can use Kirby’s, English or whatever. If you don’t like the skin, peel ’em.
3 Tomatoes. I used vine ripened but cherry, grape or heirloom would probably be even better.
3 green onions
Fresh Italian Parsley
Fresh Cilantro (only if you like it)
5 or 6 cloves of Garlic
Olive OIl
Chips. I used Boulder Canyon Red Wine Vinegar Kettle Chips and they were perfect, but you can use whatchu like.

Cook your rice. Do so according to the directions on the package, however, add the stock mix, some lemon juice (about 1 TBSP), and one sprig each parsley and cilantro.

Rinse and dry a few sprigs of your fresh herbs. I used my salad spinner. It freaks the puppy out.

Open your can of chickpeas (if canned) and pour into a strainer. RINSE WELL. I mean give those suckers a good bath in fresh cold water. Leave to drain.

Start chopping– the cucumbers, tomatoes, green onions and put them in a large bowl. I used the mandolin I got for 25 cents at an estate sale, cause I enjoy gadgets, but if you don’t have one of those, just dice. Also, I threw out the tomato guts. I don’t care for the seedy liquid-ey insides, and they make the salad mushy. Mushy is not a compliment, ever.

Take the leaves off the stems of your fresh herbs, then mince the leaves. I used maybe 4 sprigs of parsley and 2 or 3 of cilantro. To taste, as they say. Once minced, add to the giant bowl.

Add the drained chickepas to the growing trough of salad.

Peel your garlic cloves and trim the root end off. Take out your blender, food processor or immersion blender and put the garlic, a dash of salt (I used kosher) and 1 TSP of pepper in there. Drizzle in some olive oil and some lemon juice. Start with, say, one tablespoon of each, blend, and see how it tastes. If you want it creamier add more olive oil.

When the rice is done, let it sit for a few minutes to cool down a bit, then add it to the bowl. Then pour in the garlic/olive oil/lemon juice mixture and toss well. Taste it. It probably needs more pepper, add a dash or three.

Eat & N’Joy! Scoop yourself a generous serving, and, here is the most important step, grab a handful of chips, crush gently, and sprinkle on top. That’s right, I said put some potato chips on top of your salad. It’s crunchy and delicious, trust me.

Notes: This salad has a lot of room for creativity– in terms of amounts and ingredients, and it’s hard to mess up. Add some freaky cheese! Croutons! Whatever moves your mouth. Extra bonus– I think this is also free from gluten!

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