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SuperVegan Interview: 10 Questions with Folk Singer Johnny Houx

Filed under: Music

Folk Singer. Writer. Poet. Hobo. Modern-day Troubadour. Vegan. Son of a Beef Rancher. These are some of things that I’ve seen used to describe Johnny Houx. He is a man of few words, but his music speaks volumes: catchy without being sugary; poignant without being preachy. He embodies everything a folk singer should be but usually isn’t. He’s the man dressed in green.

He’s on tour now. Stuck on an Amtrak train for the next three days; barreling towards NYC. We had a brief email exchange. This is what he had to say.

Super Vegan: Who’s Johnny Houx?

Johnny Houx: Green Folk Man Shreds. Or so I’m told.

SV: What’s your favorite thing about being vegan?

JH: I taste good. Or so I’m told.

SV: Vegan food: What are you loving right now?

JH: Tabasco kombucha!

SV: Is there any vegan food you think is over-rated?

JH: Tofu.

SV: You spend a lot of your time on tour, all over – what’s it like being a vegan on the road?

JH: Easy. Not evryplace has vegan donuts. Quit whining and eat some plants!

SV: Any things you’ve learned while out on the road? Any tips you can give us?

JH: Don’t say “vegan” unless you love hearing “Yeah, I don’t really eat much meat, but I could never give up cheese. I looooove cheese!” forty times a day.

SV: Any favorite vegan resturaunts?

JH: I can get down at Bliss in Brooklyn, Hans Wurst in Berlin and if yer in a gourmet mood, Plum in Seattle.

SV: You recently asked (via your myspace) people to post what they thought was ‘wrong with veganism’ – what was your motivation behind that?

JH: I’ve got a song brewin.

SV: Let’s talk music. Tell us about your Green Period album.

JH: Well, it’s about lit’racy.

SV: What stuff are you working on right now?

JH: The cutie next to me on the train. It’s a long ride. Yow!

By the time you read this Johnny Houx will be playing his heart out somewhere. You can keep up with him via his website:

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    Checked out JH. Good music!