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SuperVegan Pizza, Coming Soon to a Two Boots near you!

Remember that pizza I blogged about a few days ago? Well, it won! Two Boots Co-Founder and Owner, Phil Hartman* decided that our pizza pie plan was way better than a bunch of other vegan bloggers’ pizza pie plans.

You’ll be able to eat it for a week starting November 1 (World Vegan Day), Update: postponed due to Hurricane Sandy. We’ll post the new date once we know it.
and that day only they’ll be giving away free sample slices from 6pm to 8pm at all NYC Two Boots locations (except Park Slope, which is under separate, less-vegan-friendly ownership). They’ll also be unveiling some kind of eco-friendlier pizza box called the GreenBox.

Apparently they did separate East Coast and West Coast contests, and the retired-from-blogging-but-ha-no-not-really QuarryGirl won the West Coast. Congrats to her! But look out next time: if we’d known there were two contests, we would have tried to win both, because, if you hadn’t noticed we have an active and awesome Los Angeles bureau! (As of right now, Quarrygirl’s site is down right now, because she hosts it on Tumblr (I don’t mean to sound smug, my personal site is down for the same reason!))tumblr’s back up!

Here’s the official descriptions from Two Boots HQ:

Representing the East Coast (the pizza that will be served in our NYC stores) is!
Meet The SuperVegan: Artichokes, Vidalia Onions, Sundried Tomatoes and Daiya Cheese with Polka Dots of Basil Pesto on a Thick Sicilian Crust!

And the West Coast winner (whose pizza will be served in our LA locations) is!
The Quarry Girl: Organic San Marzano Tomatoes, Shitake Mushrooms, Artichokes and Fresh Garlic with a Swirl of Basil Pesto on a White Cornmeal Crust!

I’d rather eat our pizza than her’s but we both like garlic, artichoke, and basil pesto, so that’s cool. And her spiral is really pretty! Wish I’d thought of that. And I’m pretty sure we didn’t have the option of organic tomatoes; that must be a Cali thang.

We happily deferred to Two Boots’s expertise in making a couple of modifications to the original design: instead of little letters of pesto, our pizza will have polka-dots, and instead of regular thin crust, structural concerns demand a thicker Sicilian crust.

For the picture, they wrote our initials on it GIANT STYLE. But the real pie will be dots.

* Not to be confused with the Phil Hartman peddling pizza here:

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