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SuperVegan Review: Pirate Brand Homestyle Barbeque Potato Flyers

Filed under: Food

The What: Pirate Brand Potato Flyers Homestyle Barbeque

The What’s Up: Pirate Brands snacks, makers of the vegan favorite Tings, throw their pirate hat into the potato chip wing with this new product. (Wing, get it? Ah, nevermind).

The Yes: Potato Flyers are light, airy and crispy which is what I look for in a “potato chip”*. The barbeque flavor is more smoky than sweet which gives the over-all taste a more subtle punch. (Really though, what distinguishes a “homestlye” barbeque from a regular barbeque?)

The No: *These are not Potato Chips! They’re caught somewhere between a rice cake and a Pringle. Biggest Problem? They are made of potato flour and potato starch. You add a seasoning to that and after a while it starts to taste like you’re eating powder.

The Word: Potato Flyers are good in small batches; a decent snack but not amazing. It’s interesting that they’re “less fat” and “less calories” than the leading potato chip but this is not health food people! A potato chip is a potato chip is a potato chip. I can’t wait for a chip to proclaim. We’re Tasty and Junky! Just not chemically-delicious!

The Info: Pirate Brand Potato Flyers will set you back a few bucks. They are sold in both 5.5 oz and 1.5 oz bags. Vegan Flavors: Homestyle Barbeque and Original.

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