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SuperVegan welcomes new blog author Jason Atkins

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Jason Atkins

Jason Atkins

We’re really happy to announce that the awesome Jason Atkins has joined the SuperVegan blogging team. As you can see from his first post, Jason is not only a great writer, but also posseses a vivacious personality.

Jason’s no newcomer to blogging. He’s been keeping two blogs (The J Way and Garden Glow) for several years. In fact, SuperVegan recently made an appearance on The J Way. Here’s Jason’s superb endorsement:

We’re all familiar with “supers” like superstars, supervixens, supermodels and superfetch (ok, that one I made up but I use it). Now, there’s a new super on the scene: Supervegans! While the vegan movement continues to spread its roots and sprout new blooms globally, supervegans are fast becoming today’s new “IT” guys and gals. As leaders of the post-carnivorous generation we are luminaries our own right. Not only are we environmentally conscious and compassionate to animals, we eat healthfully delicious cruelty-free foods, have healthy skin, bright eyes and sport the latest faux-animal fashions! We positively promote life because we recognize the value of all sentient beings. It’s always a great time to be vegan, but now is the best time to be…SuperVegan!

We’re glad you’re a SuperVegan too, Jason!

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