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Madras Café in the East Village.

Madras Café in the East Village.

Is your favorite NYC restaurant in our list of the Top Vegetarian Restaurants in New York City? If not, you can change that by leaving a review! And of course, you can (and should) leave reviews for places you don’t like to bring them down a notch.

One of our main reasons for building SuperVegan was to provide a forum for vegans to tell other vegans what we think of restaurants. Yelp and Citysearch are great in many ways, but a dedicated vegan perspective can be a huge help. A lot of folks have left a lot of reviews (thank you!). But I can’t help feeling like we could be doing even better. When did you last leave a review? Do you have anything to say that would help other folks try to eat vegan in New York City? Go to the guide now and leave some reviews!

A related frustration is that when we blog something about restaurants, folks leave little reviews in the comments but don’t leave reviews on the restaurants themselves. I know that a lot of people agree with commenter Jamie that Madras Café serves some of the best Indian food in the city. But the poor restaurant has a meager 5 reviews (it takes 10 to qualify for the top list). Furthermore, nobody searching for the restaurant via the guide will get to see Jamie’s opinion.

It’s worth nothing that we also list the top restaurants for each borough (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island).

And we have some tools to keep you in the loop. This page lists the latest additions to the restaurant guide. And this page has the latest restaurant reviews. We have XML/RSS feeds for new restaurants as they’re added to the guide and also when people leave new reviews. Or you can also subscribe to these via e-mail–sign up to get an e-mail every time a restaurant is added or get an e-mail every time someone leaves a review.


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    Awesome! Gotta remember this next time I’m in NYC.

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    I have only eaten at Madras once. I had a very nice experience. The food is good and the service is great! However, I think one reason for lack of reviews is that many of us don’t have the money to eat out a lot, so we probably don’t get to experience as much as some others might. Ya’ know, a vegan personality is probably less likely to be a corporate exec. and have extra cash hanging around-they’re more likely to be starving artists or activists, maybe are more creative by making up some vegan concoction at home. With that said, just yesterday I was out spending a whopping $15 at Curly’s (my fave place) which is actually a lot of money for me at this point in my life and for others too-especially in this economy. I even have friends who don’t believe in consumerism and contributing to a capitalist society, in conformity to their beliefs they are more self-sufficient; so, that explains another factor in relation to less reviews. I hope that helps and I wish these great veg establishments the best of luck:)

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    Welcome to the family SuperVegan. Let us know if you think there’s more Citysearch could be doing to help vegans in NYC or elsewhere around the country. And thank you for the complimentary mention!

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    Laura Leslie

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    Oh my god, I went here last night and THEY TOOK THE VEGAN THALI OFF OF THE MENU!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t know how I’m going to survive. :( :( :(

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    Sorry, guys. I guess this means I have to register now!