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SV Interviews Moby! Gristle Book Launch Party in Bklyn This Tuesday 4/6

Moby is a successful musician and DJ. He’s an outspoken vegan and animal advocate–and a dedicated New Yorker.

Moby hit my radar over a decade ago when he released his CD Animal Rights. I was struck by the title, of course, and found it an energetic, righteous manifesto full of indignation and surprisingly hummable melodies. A few years later he gained international acclaim with the release of Play.

Moby is now expanding on his long history of animal advocacy with Gristle, a collection of essays by animal advocates and experts, co-edited with Miyun Park. Miyun is a long-time animal advocate and Executive Director of Global Animal Partnership. Written for meat-eaters and animal activists alike, Gristle is a short, readable book that packs in a comprehensive overview of the issues.

Come party with Moby and Miyun on Tuesday April 6 in Brooklyn to celebrate the launch of Gristle.

Moby answered SuperVegan’s burning questions via email.

Q: What inspired you and Miyun to come up with the idea for Gristle?
Moby: We realized that most people were unaware of the horrifying consequences and ramifications of factory farming.

What does a world without animal exploitation look like to you?
Simply: better. A world where people and animals and the environment are all happier and healthier and better fed.

What are the first three laws you’ll put in place when you become Moby the Benevolent World Dictator?
1) Professional athletes have to be paid as much as professional public school teachers.

2) All petroleum production and consumption has to end by 2020.

3) Animals get to decide what they want to do and how they want to live.

Tell us about your first critter BFF.
There were many. I was born into a house with four pet rats, two cats, and two dogs.

The Best Meal Ever: What is it?
Vegan sushi at Souen on Prince and 6th. It’s flawless.

While on tour or traveling, how do you find good food in places that aren’t as vegan-friendly as NYC? It’s amazing. A touring musician’s best friend.

What was your soundtrack (personal playlist) while you were putting together Gristle? And what are you listening to now (if it’s different)?
Pantera and Nick Drake.

Who is the intended audience for Gristle?
Anybody who’s even slightly interested in how their food is produced. Anyone who’s even slightly interested in their personal health, workers’ rights, environmental degradation, animal welfare, and community welfare–oh, and obscene subsidies to destructive industries.

What’s the biggest misconception that non-vegans have about vegan food?
That it’s flavorless. If it’s flavorless then why are plant products exclusively used to give meat flavor? Pepper, garlic, onions, spices, etc. I gave up meat because it was disgusting and tasteless, mainly.

To learn more, visit the official Gristle website. To attend Tuesday’s party, RSVP to

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    Laura Leslie

    on #

    Go Moby! It’s awesome to see celebrities using their power for good rather than evil. I’m looking forward to the book launch party.