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SV Review: Goody Good Stuff Gummies

Mmmmm. Gummies. Sweet, sour, chewy gummies.

Or, that’s the ideal, right? And aren’t we always searching for a vegan gummy as delicious as a Sour Patch with the elasticity of a common, gelatin-based gummy worm? Yes, ma’am.

These Goody Good Stuff gummies come pretty close. I tried the Sour Mix & Match pouch of amorphous shapes that look kind of maybe like a very round, very tiny and cute dog biscuit. About a 4 out of 10 on the sour scale, slightly less sour than Sour Patch Kids, these guys are super sugary–23 grams of sugar in nine pieces–, and deliciously fruity without the fake fruit flavor. They’re vegan (obvious plus) and gluten-free (I can eat them!). But, alas, they’re not all that in the elasticity department. Sure, they’re gummy like sticky, but not gummy like bounces back on your fingers as you pull one end into your mouth. Matt accurately said they’re more like jellies than gummies, which, if you like that sort of thing, makes these just right for you.

For those craving a sour-ish, fruity, sugary snack, these are IT. For those looking to replace the Haribo gummy worms in their lives, look elsewhere. “Where?” you ask. I don’t know! Do you know, readers, where to find hard vegan gummies, sour and classic? Please clue me in.


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    I really like the Edward & Son’s Super Sour Gummi Bears that Food Fight sells: But, I don’t claim to be a sour gummy bear expert.

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    Just wanted to add that only about half of them are vegan. The other half contain yellow beeswax.

    The ones that look like they’re coated with sugar are the vegan ones and the ones that actually look like gummies are the variety that contain the beeswax. Just a heads-up. [=