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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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Take inventory of your diet’s impact

Center for Science in the Public Interest recently introduced two new interactive diet calculators to its website,

Using the Score Your Diet calculator, website visitors can get an idea of how their current dietary choices affect their health, the planet, and animal welfare.

The Eating Green calculator allows visitors to first learn the environmental and health impact of their current diet. It then invites users to virtually turn over a new leaf and enter the number of servings of meat, eggs and dairy they are interested in cutting back, so they can see all the resources they would be saving just by making a few more responsible choices.

The score for most of us vegans is pretty predictable; it should come as no surprise that we tread lightly on the planet. However, I think the calculators may be a good way for us to provide clear evidence to our non-veg friends, family, and co-workers that a few alterations in their diet can make a big difference. In fact, the less hardcore and more choice oriented tone of the site might appeal to non-vegs who have proven resistant to other sites that advocate for a completely vegetarian diet. Also, the site’s tour of the food supply is a decent resource for folks who simply won’t watch Meet Your Meat or read Why Vegan. I’m all for taking baby steps with people (so long as they’re leading somewhere) and I think these calculators could point people in the right direction.

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