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Taking the people out of the meat is easier than taking the meat out of the people

Tissue Culture and Art project predicting the future c. 2003.

Tissue Culture and Art project predicting the future c. 2003.

British media is reporting on a couple ways science is taking the weight off omni’s meaty consciences without taking the weight out of their meaty bellies. The Daily Mail ran a story last week on scientists “investigating ways to remove the stress and aggression gene from animals” to create what one prof calls “animal vegetables” with little to no intelligence or awareness of their surroundings and treatment on their way to becoming food.

And yesterday the Times featured a story on meat grown in Petri dishes, which scientists say would solve the ethical issues of eating animal flesh in terms of less harm to animals and the environment. I guess some people would rather pay $10,000 a kilo (not to mention all the additional cash necessary to pay for heart attacks, diabetes, etcetera) for Petri meat than pick up a package of the fake stuff for $9,995 less. Go figure.


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    The future looks very disturbing.

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    Don’t worry, science will get rid of the heart attacks and diabetes next.

    I’d think the vegan community would be celebrating news like this. It’s a little bizarre-sounding, yes — but to their credit, these scientists are acting in the interests of the cruelty-free movement. The proliferation of petri meat is a much more likely future outcome than the proliferation of veganism.

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    Petri meat, while not a perfect solution–and if it was accepted by the public–could greatly reduce animal suffering. I would trade our current system of horrors for lab meat in an instant.

    Further manipulating animals by turning them into emotionless drones disturbs me. It’s one more step in treating sentient individuals as generic, expendable inventory; commodities; things. What unintended side effects will result from all this gene tinkering? Might the stress be replaced by hopelessness? Will presumed elimination of the “stress gene” be an excuse for more intense confinement and babaric forms of slaughter?

    Where does this end? The answer, and perhaps our salvation, is not in looking for novel ways to engineer and enslave animals but to leave them alone, to respect them for who they are, to treat them with compassion and humility.

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    ‘Ethical meat’ is anything but.

    To grow these cells you first nee to take some living cells from an animal, which will involve killing them. To then get these cells to grow you will need a growth medium, the best one so far is animal liver cells, again from dead animals. These two (original cells and growth medium) could be made artifically, but that takes time and money- its much cheaper to use dead animal cells.

    It isnt something for a veg*n to celebrate.