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Teacher Fired for Being Obnoxious (Also, Vegan)

Dave Warwak

Dave Warwak, recent convert

Last month, art teacher Dave Warwak was fired from Fox River Grove Middle School in Illinois. A vegan since January, he was either just giving the kids some honest info about his beliefs, or else fanatically attempting to convert them to his cause.

Warwak himself says that teaching kids to appreciate life is part of teaching them to appreciate art. Hmmm, okay. He also incorporated animal rights themes into art assignments, which, given the weird shit my high school art teacher came up with, doesn’t seem too out of line. (Although someone may want to point out that the Peeps used in his animal cruelty display aren’t vegan). It is, after all, a teacher’s job to get kids to think.

But he probably didn’t win many to his side by asking the students to keep his proselytizing from their parents, accusing the school district of child endangerment for serving milk, and threatening not to return to work unless they eliminated animal products from the school menu. There’s a way to win friends and influence people, Mr. Warwak, and that’s not it.


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    Yeah, I was totally on his side until I heard some of the details of the case. And then I just felt uncomfortable.

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    check it out–I’m the new dave/elaine lightning rod! you’re off the hook!