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Teany’s Back!

Filed under: Celebrities Restaurants
Moby and Kelly

It’s good to see that Teany has reopened. I was rather worried when it mysteriously shut down earlier this year.

It seems full ownership has transferred to Kelly Tisdale, from former co-owner Moby. Kelly’s reduced the hours and the menu, but hey, less Teany is better than no Teany at all. (And as long as they’ve got that awesome unturkey club on the menu, I’ll be satisfied.)

Here’s hoping the lack of Moby’s influence won’t lead to fewer vegan options, though; I’m already a bit weirded out that a supposedly vegan-oriented restaurant puts cow’s milk in your coffee unless you specify otherwise. Still, if you’re looking for a wide selection of tea and coffee drinks, plus plenty of vegan snacks, Teany’s the place to go. (Just make sure you specify the vegan part.)

You can read the full story at this recent Boston Globe story profiling the new Teany.

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