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Teese Me

I love the future and the future is now! The Great Vegan Cheese War of the 21st Century rages on! Teese vegan cheese is now available at Whole Foods in California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii! AND, if you give the fine people over at Chicago Soydairy your email address over here you can get a coupon for $1 off!

Is it in the tube or will it be a bag of shreds? Does it re-seal? Does it cost less then the $6.29 bag of Daiya? There’s also a handy list of participating stores. Now we have options, people! Which do you prefer? I’m gonna do a pizza test!


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    on #

    I haven’t tried Teese since MoFo in… 2008? When I mail ordered a bunch of vegan cheeses for a taste test.

    I didn’t love it then but I’m willing to give it another shot if it shows up near me! Maybe the love I have in my heart for Dandies will make me like Teese more this time.

  2. Comment by

    TO vegan

    on #

    we’ve had teese in Toronto for a while now. I have had it a couple of times on pasta (macaroni) and would put it in the ok category – it is not a game changer but is better than most of what is out there now.

    Personally, I prefer Daiya as the Teese tube pretty much makes it a one or two application product. Daiya is also cheaper here (~$4-$5 a bag) compared to $5-$6 for Teese (I think). Sorry to hear you are paying over $6 a bag; usually it is the other way around but I’ll take it.

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    on #

    That’s expensive, in NYC Daiya is about $4.50 a bag. What’s all this hate about the resealable bag? Big deal, just fold it over or eat it quicker. :) Instead of adding more cost to every bag in order to have a zipper, maybe we can all pitch in and buy you a paperclip.

    My biggest complaint with Daiya is their inability provide a consistent shred size. Some bags have dense long shreds, others are like dust.

  4. Comment by

    Daiya Foods

    on #

    Hey Andrea,

    Would you be able to email us and let us know which retailer charges you $6.29 for our products? You can reach us any time


  5. Comment by


    on #

    Hi Daiya!

    Thanks for reading and coming to my fiscal rescue! I was referring to all the Ralphs supermarkets in the LA area. Specifically, Marina Del Rey and Olympic Blvd.