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Terri vegan cafe opens in Flatiron

Terri, 64 W. 23rd St. in Manhattan

Terri, 64 W. 23rd St. in Manhattan

What area of Manhattan more desperately needed a vegan cafe than the Flatiron District? None, I say! Terri, which opened on February 15, fills a gaping hole in a sparsely veggie-fied nabe. The all-vegan (!) sandwich and juice joint offers classics — like meatball parm, grilled cheese, a (chickpea-based) tuna melt, and a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich — done right, that is, vegan. With Daiya! Their creatively mixed juices are available bottled, and their cupcakes (and this is the only opinion I’ll give here, promise!) rival those at ‘sNice. I’m going to reserve the rest of my sentiments for the review section, and you should do the same. Terri, welcome!!

Top: Meatball sub (left) and chocolate cupcakes. Bottom: Tuna melt.


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    sweet! i can’t wait to check it out. thanks SuperVegan!

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    on #

    How about Tribeca? We need a Vegan place!

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    Daiya just tweeted about Terri and I scrambled to find it on menupages! Is it sit-in friendly, like to take a friend and hang, or is it more ‘to go’? It looks BANGIN.

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    on #

    Delicious sandwiches coffee and desserts. And all the counterpeople are vegan!! Love it -been there 4 times already! That “Thanksgiving” sandwich was the bomb.

  5. Comment by

    Sam C

    on #

    Celery — There are maybe eight counter seats that face the windows looking onto 23rd Street. You could definitely hang out with a friend or two if it’s not busy.

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    I literally work on the same block as this place – the food there is delicious! It’s become my new go-to lunch spot. Good food, great fresh juices, and close by. Suffice to say, I’m a huge fan.

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    Terri is definitely the best ad most awesome vegan place in NYC. Everything on the menu is LITERALLY awesome. Joojooluv, not only are all the counterpeople vegan, but everyone is really nice and friendly and fun when you go in there and super helpful! A few of the sandwiches are really good, but I absolutely love the thai chicken wrap and the hummus avacado wrap. The Butterfinger shake is completely to die for as well! If you haven’t been, GO NOW!

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    Loved the Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch and it was really good. I work at 42nd Street so it was worth the quick subway trip since the vegetarian/vegan options in mid-town blow.

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    Went there twice in 2 days and I neither work nor live in the immediate area. SUPER good! The staff is fun and helpful… and even shared a baking “Secret” with my pal. (Note: TRY THE BROWNIES! Super moist, with chocolate chips. Not healthy, I’m sure, but WTF? No animals died to make my tongue happy.) I had the chickpea “tuna” melt (w/ Daiya Cheddar) sandwich which will likely be my go to meal. It was delectable. I also tried the Jerk tofu with pineapple which tasted a bit odd, but then again, I don’t think I really know what “jerk” flavoring is. I probably won’t have it again. The chocolate cupcakes are also excellent. Next on my “to try” list: The Tofurky sandwich (I’m told by the staff that’s it’s great) and one or all of the 4 non-standard/bland salads… and then there are the Elvis sandwiches: a “skinny” version (PB & banana) and a “fat” version (PB w/ Soy bacon.) I’d LOVE it if it were a bit more conducive to sitting for a while (there are a few bar stool seats and tables) but I am so glad they’re in town. You’ve got a loyal fan in me, Terri’s!

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    on #

    yeah much needed vegan option. eating the thanksgiving sandwich right now and it is tasty. neat. will be back!


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    BEST QUESADILLA EVER!!!!! So excited to try the rest of the menu!!!!

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    i go into terri almost every morning for a smoothie and one of their DELICIOUS baked goods after i work out :) i think the food there is great, however what really impresses me are the friendly counter people who are there every morning! i dont know their names but for such an early hour they are always smiling and really helpful, will definitely continue to go twice a day :D

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    just checked this place out this evening with my girlfriend. food was delicious!! we both got the daiya cheese and “chicken” quesadilla. sooo good! the people were also super nice!! definitely going back!! highly recommend!

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    on #

    the meatball sub is AMAZING… as is the butterfinger shake. oooohhh…. the butterfinger shake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    on #

    Total disappointment. Heard lots about this place, tried it twice and won’t be going back. The first time I got a delivery cause I work in the area. Food took about an hour to get to me and was mediocre. I had the portobello sandwich which was sub par and a shake that looked and tasted like it was made an hour ago. If you can’t handle delivery service then just don’t offer it. I wanted to give it another shot because I’m vegan so the next time I went in. Whoever was working the counter needs a reality check. Wonder if he’s the owner or manager – total attitude. Got the buffalo sandwich which I heard about but it was ice cold in the middle and too small. What’s up with that? The cupcake was ok, but tasted like something you could bake at home, nothing close to professional. Guess I’ll keep the reliables like Bonobos and Whole Foods vegan wraps for lunch.