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The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival Was Crowded

A Few of My Friends Came Along

A Few of My Friends Came Along

The Boston Vegetarian Food Festival reminds me of an arena rock concert: Loud, crowded and filled to the brim with (a fair share of) rude clueless people. More importantly, you go, complain the whole time but come back every year. Here’s what I brought back from Saturday’s event.

– Each year the crowd gets bigger and the event space seems smaller. I’m chin-checking like NWA up in this Mutha…

– Each year the people from May Wah ask me “Do you live in Boston now?”

– Josh Hooten from Herbivore was tabling this year. (He wasn’t around last year) He’s one cool dude and Herbivore kicks ass!

– I’m so over vegan cupcakes. Is that bad?

– Hipster girls with vegan shirts are way cuter than Hipster girls without one.

Lula’s is better than any of the ice cream / soft serve I had here. NYC Represent!

My amazing ability: I will put a sample in my mouth without knowing what it is, where it’s from or why I should care. “Oh it’s vegan? Meet mouth!”

Old Dude Wandering Aimlessly: Please don’t walk into a vegetarian event eating a real piece of chicken. It makes me want to punch you.*

Overheard at BVFF: “Oh Muh Gawd! Look! It’s Roberte Cheeke! He’s so hott! A lot smaller than I thought, but still hott”

– Free vegan (Teese) cheese samples turn any veg event into a mosh pit.

*I would never punch an old man; unless it was in a vegan cheese mosh pit.

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