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The Discerning Brute Brings Us DBTV Episode 1: “Concrete Catwalk”

Joshua Katcher of The Discerning Brute has started a video series called DBTV. The first episode, embedded below, features him wandering Soho interviewing fur-wearers about their garments. By pretending to have a purely fashion-oriented agenda (as opposed to an animal rights one), Joshua wins to confidence of his subjects before he starts to talk about where the fur comes from.

He plays it a little dumb and very friendly, but doesn’t go full-on Bruno or anything. I doubt most of us could do something like this and keep our cool the way Joshua does!

I’m very much looking forward to the next episode!


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    I could not hold my cookies doing what he just did! The saddest thing in the video is people did rather hold onto their coats than admit it is wrong and immoral. A great big kiss to Joshua! Keep it up!

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    al oof

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    “how does it feel to have a cold heart but a warm neck?”

    the delivery of that line was great.

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    Great idea! I think you should lay on the fur truth a bit more though…If these people are ignorant enough to parade around in dead animals to begin with, it may take more than sarcasm to show them the light. I say let them have it!!

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    Well done.

    Coming from a warm climate and middle-class values, fur is simply absolutely disgusting to me and even most hard-core meat-eaters I know. Such a waste of money, such a waste of animal life. It’s repulsive.

    Fur says to the world, “I’m a rich snob who doesn’t care about anyone but myself.”

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    joshua’s methods, while somewhat humourous, insult and offend people.
    we need to encourage people not to wear fur through education that doesn’t involve put downs.
    i found his feigned equality with the interviewees too much.
    try a different tack josh.

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    Alan – god forbid we offend the fence-sitters!! I’m sick and tired of trying to appease the fence sitters.
    The Animal Rights Movement has had well over 20 years of using ‘being-nice’ education. It’s time for a spectrum of different approaches. I’m not injuring anyone – I’m just giving them comic space to hear themselves sound like idiots.

    Many more of these vids to come!

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    most of the people in this video are beyond being educated…they know fur is wrong but they really don’t care. so joshua, keep making them look like the callous vapid morons that they are. great stuff!

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    when the original Animal Rights movement back in the ’70s started blowing up factory farms, burning barns and throwing paint on fur coats, people thought they were insane. These actions shut people’s minds about animal welfare because the shock value backfired.
    Today we have Borat, oops I mean Josh, using “humor” and snide comments to get people to agree with his viewpoints.
    Alan is right, education is the way to go. This is how the human rights movement worked and why it was unthinkable in the 1960’s to have a black president.

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    I think it’s a bit of a stretch to equate snide humor and sarcasm with violence and bombs. This is a very innovative approach to education. And I’m sure I recall more than friendly education going on during the human rights struggle. Civil disobedience, marches, riots…. It took the Black Panthers and Malcolm X as well as Martin Luther King Jr. to effect the massive change that rocked this country in the 60s and on until today.

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    The fur-wearers are lucky they are getting off with only some sarcastic remarks. It could be a lot worse.

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    This is great. Really great.

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    Dear Super Vegans,

    There are fur ads on this page, for mink and fox.

    Why is SuperVegan selling fur on its website?

    I don’t understand your hypocrisy.

    Why are fur hat wearers bad, but advertisements for fur hats OKAY with Super Vegans?

    As NotBuyingIt says: “The saddest thing in the video is people did rather hold onto their coats than admit it is wrong and immoral.”

    And SuperVegan would rather hold on to its AdSense checks that stop advertising fur.

    There is no excuse for a vegan site showing fur ads.