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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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The Easiest, Veganiest And Therefore Bestiest Contest Ever!

Hold on to your tofu blocks my friends, the fine folks over at Nasoya like us! They like you! And in a More Than Words Meets Weird Al (aka SuperVegan #1!) moment, they have given us some Vegan Treasure to give away to one of you lucky readers.


The Treasure Map: A copy of Spork-Fed, a new cookbook by Wonder Twin SuperVegan Powers Jenny Engel & Heather Goldberg. These ladies have been plundering the LA scene for awhile, teaching cooking classes, catering things I’m not invited to, and cultivating a garden of celebrity fans (e.g. aforementioned Weird Al). And, not to peer pressure you or anything, but 58 out of 63 reviewers on Amazon gave it ***** out of *****.

The Eye Patch/Ruffled Shirt: A pair of Nasoya sweat shorts with the words EXTRA FIRM on the tush so you can show all those Juicy people who’s what at the Crunch, Equinox, or Y. Please don’t wear these outside otherwise, K? Thanks.

The Cure To Scurvy: Five, that’s 1,2,3,4,5 coupons for a FREE Nasoya item. Any item! You want some tofu? FREE. You want a jar of Nayonaise? $0. You want some Super Hummus? Gratis! You can keep all five for yourself or you can make your friends do things for ’em, s’up to you.

Life is already hard, so instead of making you actually do something to earn this loot, all it takes to enter is a few clicks on the screen you’re already reading this on. Just show us how you feel by following us on Twitter, Facebook and or Instagram (@wearesupervegan) and then (re)tweet at us, “like” something, or heart a pic! If you’re already doing so, you’re already entered to win! We will randomly choose our winner on June 8th. EASY, right? We love you, too.

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    Tamara gram (@glassesgirl

    on #

    I’ve liked you on Facebook, follow you on twitter and instagram (@glassesgirl79)and also liked one of your instagram photos. I’d love to win all of this cool stuff!