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The Fashion Beat: Hoof’d in Winning GoJane Kicks

Some shoes from

Choose shoes in many hues.

GoJane is for all the ladies out there, or Loch Ness Boyfriends (a mythical creature that shops for her), who want to not wear someone else’s skin on top of their own, yet still manage to look their personal best. I am a firm (also how I like my tofu) believer that, as a vegan, I have to try harder. I must put only my best pleather foot forward because I’m the one living differently. And to my critics, one bland veggie meal (lookin’ at you Angelica’s circa 1997) gives vegetarianism a bad name. One pair of Earth shoes and all vegans are hippies. But buy one pair of Novacas and I can’t afford my meatless technologies from May Wah for three months (even with their membership I don’t have).

California based e-tailer GoJane is in no way associated with veganity, but their shoes are cheap, stylish, and for the most part made of Nessy not Norman (make sure you read the product description for materials before purchasing). There’s even a coupon for free, lightning fast shipping! I make no claims as to their comfort levels, but I’d rather hide at the bottom of the LA River with Johnny Knoxville’s ankle or Kenickie or the Governator than have people be able to spot my special needs lifestyle by looking at my feet.

(And be sure to check out the other vegan footware vendors in our web directory.)

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