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Rev. George H. Malkmus

Rev. George H. Malkmus

A Christian sect led by Rev. George H. Malkmus is redefining “vegangelical,” though their motivations are health-related rather than ethical. Today’s St. Petersburg Times features a profile of the Back To Eden Health Ministry Lifestyle Center, a vegan Christian health institute in Plant City affiliated with Malkmus’s Hallelujah Acres. Hallelujah HQ estimates more than 2 million people worldwide follow the vegan and 85% raw diet Malkmus claims cures “cancer, body odor, hair loss, diabetes and high cholesterol;” one of Eden’s owners says it cured his MS. The center attracts about 200 believers a year, who each pay $1,200 for a week of carrot juice, Bible study and gentle exercise.

Of course it can be tough going vegan at first, but if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative, you could buy Malkmus’s book, a Bible and 20 five-course dinners at Pure Food and Wine for less than a week at Eden.


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    This whole thing sounds so Kellogg!

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    Kellogg flaky, indeed, but with a special raw, organic, unrefined crazy coating. It tastes better with the raw, organic, unrefined Kool-Aid — I mean carrot juice.

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    We live across from the Back to Eden Lifestyle Center and it saddens me to have to say that their ministry has disrupted our lifestyle. We have lived here 20 years and now we have to deal with the fact that the Orcutt’s have started a Lifestyle Center in our neighborhood illegally.

    No permits or approval from Hillsborough County, innappropriate signage, 10+ people walking in front of our home daily, asking our kids (5 & 10 year olds) their names, and 40+ cars across from our home for their monthly meetings.

    No consideration for our lifestyle or concern for the neighborhood is our main concern. In this area you must have approval to conduct a “bed and breakfast” or home occupation. Unfortunately the Orcutt’s didn’t take that into consideration. Now we are faced with having to fight for our privacy and lifestyle so they can earn a living from their home across from us.

    Now we hear they are thinking ofstarting a large scale meeting in the Metal Buildings on their property where many more people will come to meet. We don’t know what to expect next.

    We pray that God will take the reigns and correct the wrongs as he can do for all of us.

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    I am becoming more and more concerned about the Hallelujah Diet. Not only is it expensive (if you buy all these needed supplements which always seems to have another addition) and unbiblical, it is also dangerous for the long haul. I have seen what it has done to my almost 80-year old mother-in-law. She has been losing weight consistently over the past years and now has food cravings (peanut butter and butter.) She thinks about food all the time and finds herself “munching” throughout the day. Her muscles are wasting away. Short term, it seems good for cleaning out. She has been on a vegan diet for many years now. This type of diet produces skinny necks, arms and face among a host of other ill-side effects. If you are thinking of trying the “lifestyle”, please research this diet before embarking. Cheating on the diet is probably how the many people on it are actually surviving. Ask yourself, do I want to look like my health teacher? Take a good look at John McDougall and Rev. Malkmus. Malkmus lost his teeth to the vegan diet which is expected when you eat a starch-based diet. Please reconsider going full-fledged, long term vegan.

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    I have a question, and I mean this with all respect.

    I noticed from the postings that there was a bake sale and over a thousand dollars was raised to help the animals in Haiti.

    I am 100% for compassion, but during an emergency that includes the suffering of so many humans, should we not put the animals to the back of the line until all the humans are clothed, housed, and fed?