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The Nation Does Food

Filed under: Food Media

The latest issue The Nation (dated September 11) is all about food. And, this being The Nation, how food impacts and interacts with issues of race, class, labor, animal welfare, health and nutrition, and environmental preservation.

While there’s plenty here to make you feel good about being a vegan (like Eric Schlosser’s “Hog Hell”), pieces like Felicia Mello’s “Hard Labor” may leave you troubled about those organic baby carrots you’re snacking on.

Also of note is Habiba Alcindor’s “Black Farms, Black Markets,” a look at the intertwined struggles of black farmers and difficulties bringing fresh food to inner-city neighborhoods; and Frances Moore Lappé’s “A Right to Food?,”a profile of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where healthy food has been declared a right of citizenship.

The contributors are a veritable who’s who of responsible food-thought. In addition to those mentioned above, the list includes: Anna Lappé, Alice Waters, Marion Nestle, Michael Pollan, Wendell Berry, Troy Duster, Elizabeth Ransom, Winona LaDuke, Peter Singer, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Carlo Petrini, Eliot Coleman, Jim Hightower.

Some of the articles are available to read free online, but others require a subscription. Or you can go to the library or newsstand and get a paper copy.

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    Organically Speaking

    on #

    Hey Jason thanks for the post… during the day I work for a local Organic and Natural grocery store in Seattle and during the night as a podcast professional producing passionate podcasts for Organic and Natural lifestyles.

    If interested Organically Speaking has released a conversation with Michael Pollan podcast (audio conversation). Interesting tidbits on farmers markets, CSAs, and more! We also have a riveting podcast conversation with Bo Rinaldi, Cofounder, Vegan Fusion!

    Some Podcast Show Note Questions:

    Q) Why the price difference between conventional food and organic and how do we go about bringing down organic food prices?

    Q) How can small local organic farmers remain local in a capitalistic system?

    Q) What is the “Food Web” you briefly touch on in your book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals.

    All the best,

    Holistic Conversations for a Sustainable World