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The Seed NYC: Sunday Seeded

Filed under: Events New York City

If you made pancakes and caught up on Game of Thrones today instead of going to day two of the Seed, I’m not going to say you made the wrong choice. If you went yesterday (like I did—read about my Saturday visit), there were few reasons to return today since the vendors were basically the same, and if you chose Sunday over Saturday, you may have felt a little cheated when things started winding down around 3pm (when the event is scheduled to run til 6pm). There were some high points, though.

A packed room attentively listening to Brendan Brazier

A packed room attentively listening to Brendan Brazier

People seemed pretty thrilled to watch Brendan Brazier, triathlete and founder of Vega nutritional supplements, speak. To be honest, I had no idea who he was until I looked him up while writing this, but apparently he’s also written some books, which he signed after his talk. I didn’t see a ton of lines at the Seed this weekend, but there was definitely one to meet Brazier. I guess I don’t know who’s who when it comes to vegan athletes (with the exception of the WWE’s Daniel Bryan, but he’s no longer vegan, anyway), but he gave a pretty decent speech. Mostly about how being vegan is really good for your health, which I think I’ve heard somewhere  before.


John Joseph McGovan

I was looking forward to watching John Joseph McGovan’s talk. Mostly known as the singer of NYC hardcore band the Cro-Mags, he now spends his days participating in ironman competitions and writing and speaking about veganism and food politics. His speech was a little unorganized, but I wasn’t exactly expecting an eloquent delivery from John Joseph. He spoke a lot about the Farmer Assurance Provision, which we all know as the Monsanto Protection Act, and expressed his lack of trust in Big Pharma when it comes to personal health, while sharing how a vegan lifestyle addresses these issues.


Chef Juan Pablo Chavez prepared Escribano Areqipeno (a mashed potato dish) and Guacamole Kale Salad

Other worthwhile moments included Chef Juan Pablo Chavez‘s cooking demo and JL Fields‘s talk earlier in the day about expanding vegan activism from blogging to offline advocacy. Other than that, many of the same vendors were doling out samples and selling their goods, although by midafternoon it looked like several had run out of food and were packing up.

Overall, the Seed wasn’t bad this year, but it also wasn’t amazing. It may have been worthwhile for new vegans or those curious about the lifestyle, but as a longtime vegan, I wasn’t particularly impressed. Still, it’s nice to have options.


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    Wow–you really missed out if you did not hear the mind-blowing presentation by Robert Ostfeld, MD, a cardiologist at Montefiore and co-director of its Cardiac Wellness Program.
    Not kidding–AMAZING.

    And before that, Sea Shepherd crew who talked about the Taiji dolphin slaughter and the Dam Guardian campaign (Oregon & Washington state).

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    I’m curious about JL Field’s talk – how exactly did she say to take blogging to offline advocacy?

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    Sorry for not responding sooner! I don’t get notifications regarding comments on my posts, so I’ve learned to start checking them more often.

    JL primarily discussed how ethics plays in to turning a vegan blog into a business. She gave some sound business advice and discussed how to approach the ethical aspect of veganism with clients (who may only be familiar with the food aspect).
    She gave a pretty good recap on her blog:

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    Margret Bender

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    he talked about this on BBC2’s Something for The Weekend and his episode on food on his stand-up show John Bishop’s Britain.