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The Subway Crusade!

Ask and ye shall receive! That’s a thing, right? Well the fine folks at Compassion Over Killing think so, and we want to help!

Wouldn’t it be incredible to affect change at the world’s largest restaurant chain AND have another vegan food option at the ready?

Subway (35,786 restaurants in 98 countries) has introduced a brand new vegan patty! Awesome?! Well, yes & no: it’s only available at some of its restaurants in Canada. And the veggie patty currently offered in the US contains egg. Let’s convince them to bring us USers the Vegan one! It will only take a few seconds of your internet play time, swear!

OPTION ONE (1) (I): go to and leave a comment. Here’s one if you just want to copy + paste:
I would really really really like the Vegan Vegged Out Patty to be available in the US, really!

OPTION TWO (2) (II): go to The Facebook and leave a comment. Here’s one for you, so easy!
Please please please bring the Vegan Vegged Out Patty to the US, please!

OPTION THREE (3) (III): Tweet a message at them. Here’s one pre-typed by me on your behalf:
@subwayfreshbuzz I want the Vegan #VeggedOutPatty in the US. Canada is far and I am a hungry vegan person! @SuperVegan @TryVeg

OPTION FOUR (4) (IV): Call Subway. This sounds extreme in the digital age, but trust me, it’s not. A nice human being will listen to you! Here’s the number 203-877-4281

OPTION FIVE (5) (V): Send an actual e-mail.
I can’t fill out the form for you, sorry. But it has pull downs. It’s real easy for a whiz like you!

Do 1, 1-5 or any combo thereof and you’ll be our favorite reader ever! C’mon let’s do this. I want to hit up Fatburger next and get them to switch from their Veggie Boca Burger to the Vegan one!!


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    Great blog post! Thanks for the shout out!

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    great post! thanks!