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The Super Round-Up, December 9

Vegan challah bread

Image via VegNews

  • Did somebody say VEGAN CHALLAH? Oh yes, VegNews just did! It’s going to be a good Hanukkah this year, Jews! (Is eggless challah possible?) Psst…I think I also heard them say “vegan gingerbread cookies.” Who’s up for a vegan gingerbread house bake-off? Hmmm?
  • Farm Sanctuary reminded us to sign their Petition for the Pigs, a letter that asks President Obama to demand that the USDA extend legal protection to downed pigs. Yeah, um, did we all just assume that pigs were covered like certain other large mammals?
  • Terry Hope Romero’s vegan Latin cookbook Viva Vegan is available for pre-order on Amazon. See how dangerous—and hot—that knife makes her look?
  • Metromix declared Dirt Candy‘s Amanda Cohen Chef of the Year. Amanda Cohen sounds like Samantha Cohen, which means THAT COULD TOTALLY BE ME ONE DAY.
  • USA Today reported on school lunch standards: somehow less stringent than fast-food standards! Even KFC won’t buy the chickens kiddies are eating as chicken plywood nuggets.

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