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The SuperVegan Round-Up, December 10: Fur-seller biz dies, interview with Cocoa V owner, Blossom to open on UES, Tal Ronnen continues to be awesome, and more!

Oh, man. Otters. This one's photo via Mr. Addition.

Oh, man. Otters. This one’s photo via Mr. Addition.

  • A fur retailer is going out of business. Thank you, mindful consumers, the recession, and anyone else who might have had a role in the demise of this.
  • Pamela Blackwell, owner of two-week-old Cocoa V and older beloved vegan joints Blossom, and Blossom Uptown, chatted with the Village Voice about vegan chocolates, nut cheese, and bacon. If you’ve been to Cocoa V, leave us a review, pronto!
  • Speaking of Blossom, they’re opening a new location next week on the Upper East Side on First Avenue between 79th and 80th streets. GO, BLOSSOM, GO.
  • Chef Tal Ronnen of Oprah and Gardein fame was all up in Extra dispelling ridonculous myths about vegans. See: the food tastes bad, vegans are starving, and vegans are poor because we must spend all our money on expensive gross vegetables.
  • We respond to the Weston A. Price Foundation’s perverse attempts to justify eating animals.
  • A little birdie tells us the NYC Chipotle locations might soon be market-testing their Gardein filling.
  • Finally, otters are SO ADORABLE. Just try to tell me they’re not. I said JUST TRY.

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