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The SuperVegan Round-Up, December 21: Bullfights voted down, dancing bear free, vegetarianism popularity disputed, and vegetarian dogs

Donkeys don't have stripes. Via The New York Times.

Donkeys don’t have stripes. Via The New York Times.

  • The Catalan parliament passed a vote to ban bullfighting by including bulls in an animal cruelty law that protects certain animals from any kind of torture. Yahoooo!
  • In other animals-are-not-for-entertainment wins, a charity claims to have freed the last dancing bear in India on Friday, December 18.
  • The Brooklyn Paper says Red Bamboo Brooklyn‘s eminent closing is a sign of dying cultural interest in vegetarianism, and notes that RB owner, Jason Wong, is no longer a vegetarian. (Did everyone know that? I didn’t know that.) Wong told The Brooklyn Paper, “The concern now is more about locally grown and less of a carbon footprint. Being a carnivore doesn’t mean you don’t care.” This is true. It could also mean you are ignorant. What’s your excuse, Jason Wong? And where is the hard, non-incidental evidence that vegetarianism is on the decline?
  • Pups can thrive on a vegetarian diet, a report published in the British Journal of Nutrition says. But you already knew that.
  • This is NOT a zebra. Prepare to be depressed.
  • New restaurant reviews on Peacefood Cafe, Cocoa V, Sacred Chow, and HanGawi. Leave your thoughts for posterity, people.


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    “college freshman running away from his parents.”?cant wait for the times to run a piece on how theyre moving in w/their grannies! heres another stupid nyt piece

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    All those stories about the Gaza zoo conveniently ignore the fact that all the animals are suffering because of Israeli sanctions. Say what you want about hair dye on animals, or the idea of zoos altogether, but I think the starvation is more depressing.

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    Jason Wong turning his back on vegans, vegetarians, and the animals did not surprise me in the least. This is a guy who never gave a damn about animal rights but realized he could make a good profit catering to compassionate customers. His sales decline (due to a recession and terrible service apparently) and he decides to serve meat…fuck this guy, fuck his new restaurant, and quite frankly, fuck all of the Wong family’s restaurants (VP2, Soy and Sake, Red Bamboo 1). I’m so sick of entrepeneurs who clearly don’t support the values of vegans/veggies cashing in on us. When you have a choice, please support business owners who support the cause…restaurants like Candle Cafe and V Spot actively promote veganism without apology and without worrying about turning away potential customers. These are restaurants that deserve our support. After reading that piece in the Brookln Paper, I would be shocked if any self-respecting vegan would spend a penny in Jason Wong’s new restaurant. I’ve given hundreds of dollars to Jason and the Wong family over the years. No more, there are more important things to me than “crispy soul chicken”…you’re dead to me Wong!!!