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The SuperVegan Round-Up, December 28: Paul Watson poster, rankings, dog and cat diets, vegan Twinkies, and more

Paul Watson FOREVER

Paul Watson FOREVER

It’s been a buzzy holiday weekend in the vegan news department. Tonight we catch up on all the goings-on since Wednesday.

  • Obama poster artist Shepard Fairey immortalized Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson with a print of his very own. Posters measure 18 x 24″, are signed by Watson, and cost $55 each. Buy ’em at Obey Giant. PAUL WATSON CAN NEVER DIE.
  • The California-based Animal Legal Defense Fund released its 2009 State Animal Protection Laws Rankings. (Old news? Yeah, sort of. Still worth reading? Totally.) ALDF ranked New York in the middle tier — not laying down the law with the best or permitting certain atrocities with the worst. Illinois ranked highest and Kentucky lowest. Read the full report here (PDF).
  • In other ranking news, the Humane Society gave the Obama administration a B- for animal protection. Full report right here (PDF).
  • Ingrid Newkirk reminds us via Huffington Post why it’s awesome to be vegan, and then she rhymes with food.
  • Vegan Twinkies are BACK. No Whey! Kitchen is going to fill the hole left in your heart by the closing of Vegan Honey Bake Shop. No Whey! sells to restaurants and is taking private orders for a limited time.
  • Karen Davis, president of United Poultry Concerns, will deliver her lecture “The Social and Secret Life of Chickens” at the New York Public Library’s Mid-Manhattan branch on December 30. That’s 40th Street and Fifth Avenue, 6th floor, 6:30 p.m. this Wednesday. BE THERE.
  • Your average dog eats a LOT of meat, VegNews reminds us: “research teams found that a medium-sized dog consumes approximately 360 pounds of meat and more than 200 pounds of grain each year. The agriculture needed to sustain this kind of companion-animal diet emits twice the greenhouse gas emissions that come from driving an SUV 6,200 miles per year.”
  • MEANWHILE, Annalisa Lazzaro of NYC asks The Ethicist whether it’s cool to feed her cat a vegetarian diet. Duh! And you’ve got to be resilient! If one vegetarian — or better, vegan — kitty food doesn’t work out, try another one. Then try cooking for Mr. Pus. Why support animal cruelty or slaughter in any way if you can avoid it, right?
  • Don’t know what to do with your sad, leftover shepherd sticks candy canes? Vegan Cookies brings us this recipe for peppermint candy cane chocolate chip cookies AND shows us how to crush candy canes. Holiday anger issues: resolved.
  • Cafe Blossom’s UES location opened, so go there and eat everything.


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    Those twinkies are in Santa Monica!
    Not fare to us east coast vegans!

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    There ARE vegan twinkies on the East Coast! X’s To O’s Vegan Bakery has four flavors to choose from. They are based out of Troy, NY and sell them online through Pangea, out of their retail bakery in Troy, and at Perelandra Natural Food Center in Brooklyn.