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The SV Digest: Tin o’ Cacao Nibs

  • Following up on previous reports, vegetarian Mumbai gentry continue to oppress meat eaters, kicking them out of housing and shopping malls, etc. It’s kind of hard to imagine this happening anywhere else!
  • There’s a new kid on the vegan shoe block. NOHARM shoes are handmade in Italy, and are aiming for the Stella McCartney end of the market with prices starting at $275 a pair. They make a lot of nice-looking men’s dress shoes, which is great, cause almost no one else does. But for all their talk of ethics and eco-friendly packaging, NOHARMS still seem to be made of evil PVC, just like your kicks from Payless
  • A new scientific study reveals that multiple stab wounds may be harmful to monkeys. As with everything tested on animals, the same thing is certainly true for humans, so be careful with the kitchen knife when prepping that Puppy Beef or Kitty Beef for dinner. (Hat tip to The PETA Files.)
  • Today’s NY Times “Dining & Wine” section has a big “happy meat” article that gives a nice bit of ink to Gene Baur and the good folks at the Farm Sanctuary but also indulges crap like this:
    “From the chef’s perspective it comes down to, ‘Yeah, the steak looks good but why is it not performing?’ ” Mr. Perry Lang said. “It’s because of how the animal was raised and handled. That’s not animal rights, but it is animal welfare.”


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    Just want to make sure you realize that the news story on multiple stab wounds was on Onion TV…so its not real…just to clarify. The dead give away was the second news story where the Pope denounced spooning. Those onion folks sure can be convincing though.

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    on #

    Um, that first story sounds kind of great. I’ve always wanted to push meat eaters around!

  3. Comment by

    mary martin

    on #

    This is going to sound really, really terrible, but at this point when it comes to men’s shoes, I’ll take the environmental devastation of PVC over the (environmental damage and) usage of cows for leather. Thanks for the tip!

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    Interesting article. I purchased my first pair of noharm shoes in 2003. I know they were around way before then so the headline seems a bit confused. All the best. John

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    And btw the noharm shoes I have are not made from PVC. I am sure all their shoes are PVC free.