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The Ugliest Dish in the World



Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is auctioning the “ugliest dish in the world” on eBay. Again. This is the fifth time they’ve sold it, and every time, the winning bidder donates it right back. It’s just too darn ugly to keep. The full story appears on the auction page.

As of this writing, the bidding’s only up to $35. The auction runs until early Sunday morning. I’m not convinced this is really the ugliest dish imaginable, but it’s the ugliest dish in service of the best cause. Get in there and push the price up!


  1. Comment by

    Patrick Kwan

    on #

    Damn, I bidded $50 and got outbidded.

  2. Comment by

    Jenny Brown

    on #

    Important Correction! (that actually makes the tale of this Ugly Dish more interesting…) We (WFAS) are not the ones auctioning off the plate for our benefit, it is a very funny Rabbi who was initially doing it on his own accord with proceeds going to us, his chosen charity. The winning bidder decided to donate it back so it could be sold again and 2nd winning bidder decided to do the same and so on. This is now the 5th time it is being autioned! So bid it up, ya’ll, it’s for our critters and our important work!

  3. Comment by


    on #

    That’s the ugliest dish they could find? Pfft.