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The Vegan Week That Was: Crush video bill, SVU slaughterhouse episode, new restaurants, vegan bake sale, and more

This is a real promotional image from KFC

This is a real promotional image from KFC

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision Tuesday to strike the ban on the sale of videos depicting cruelty to animals, Representative Elton Gallegly (R-CA) and 55 other representatives introduced H.R. 5092, a bill to ban the distribution and sale of crush videos. The Humane Society of the United States reminds us that we can help by contacting our representatives asking them to support the law.

We added 27 new restaurants to the guide this week (Thanks, Cathy!), including Organic Village in Forest Hills, Victory Bhaven in Staten Island, and Sunlife Health Food and Juice Bar in the Bronx. See all the new restaurants here, and don’t forget to leave a review if you’ve been!

This week on “Law & Order: SVU,” the show whose following, I’m guessing, is rivaled only by Oprah’s, a woman is murdered while filming “an unflinching expose of meat,” NBC’s description says. Did you catch it? If so, how much did they get into the business of slaughter?

KFC and Susan G. Komen for the Cure launched their “Buckets for the Cure” promotion. For every bucket of chicken sold, KFC will donate 50 cents to Komen now through 5/9. People are rightfully grossed out. I mean, shit is crazy! Since when is the relationship between fried dead chicken pieces and cancer-fighting a mutually symbiotic one? Never ever ever!

Quarrygirl let us know that Starbucks is going to sell vegan frappuccinos. I hate coffee, but whatever! Yay!

Do you like your shredded carrots raw? Birdbath Bakery has your hippie food right here: the Old School Vegetarian Sandwich.

A few reminders for ya:

Our very own Patrick Kwan will be a judge at Veggie Conquest Sunday. (Hint: toss some Daiya cheese on that shit and he will love it!)

The Sea Shepherd’s flagship, the Steve Irwin is docked right here in NYC and you can go INSIDE it!

The bake sale to support Darwin Animal Doctors at Vegan Drinks is Thursday, April 29, 7-9 p.m. at Angels & Kings. Bring a to-go container — Laura Dakin of Sea Shepherd will be baking some serious treats!

Looking for that special vegan with whom you can celebrate/not have to think about your lifestyle? Let us help. Check out Date This Vegan and you might just find the one.


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    Thanks for the shout out. Now up to 35 restaurant adds this week (including in addition to the 3 Samantha mentioned) the following 100% vegetarian restaurants: Bhojan, Otarian, Chennai, Soom Soom, Bread-A Bakery (vegan b-day cakes made to order in Queens!), and newer locations of the Hummus Place & Maoz, As well as many vegan friendly spots such as: Tuttoriso in Staten Island with many vegan & GF items as well as Indian Road Cafe in Inwood that has vegan biscuits & gravy for brunch

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    Sun Life Restaurant is in the Bronx on White Plains Road, not in White Plains.

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    I used to live in NYC, but moved away about 3 years ago. I am heading in for the weekend and will have time for 1 dinner and 2 lunches and maybe 2 breakfasts. Where should I go? I used to love Candle 79, Gobo, and Temple in the Village, but I am wondering if there is a new standout that I should visit. I will be in Williamsburg and Manhattan. I can get vegan Thai, chinese, and japanese food where I live now, so I am more looking for something that one isn’t goint to find outside of NYC. Thanks!!!

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    Daiya! Daiya! Daiya! Finally on sale!! Yumyumyum…