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The Vegan Week That Was: ‘sNice, Cinnamon Snail, and Teany vegan restaurant news, Onion funtimes, date Julie, and more

Oh, The Onion, you slay me with your hilarious lampoon of horse jockeys/horse beatings. Watch to find out who’s Horse Torturer of the Year!

Jockey Liam Hollins The Favorite To Brutally Whip Horse To Kentucky Derby Win

The restaurant news you/I’ve been waiting for: Teany reopened this week, after many many missed teanychinos.

Aaaand, ‘sNice Soho opened at 150 Sullivan St. between Prince and Houston streets.

Vegan food truck The Cinnamon Snail will leave its usual parking spot in Jersey to find a temporary home in Hell’s Kitchen Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. at W. 39th Street and 9th Avenue. Amazing vegan doughnuts, people!

Passout Records in Williamsburg will reopen this summer as a 24-hour vegetarian burger joint. And bring on the vegan shakes, please!

And finally, I encourage you to date Julie! As one astute commentator notes, she is pretty.

Happy weekend!


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    i regularly write to sports columnists about being against horse racing.
    i also regularly am dismissed as an idiot.
    that was until, i asked one writer to find a 12 yr old racehorse.
    couldn’t at the track of course, but none on the farms either.
    by that age, they cease being a revenue producing unit and are worth only their price in horse meat.

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    Wow the omni idiots strike again… What has this world succumb to?