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The Vegan Week That Was: Vegan Sausage on HuffPo, Meatless Mondays in NYC, VegNews goes to India, and more

  • Because besides being delicious and super fun, eating out can be wasteful and unhealthy and a big bad guy, Huffington Post ate in this week, and on Wednesday they ate vegan. Laura Beck of crying-funny blog Vegansaurus championed eating vegan and shared a recipe for pasta with chard and Field Roast sausage. Mmmmm yes!
  • VegNews is going to India, and so can you! For the low, low price of $1295 plus the cost of airfare you can join their freakin’ awesome 12-day vegan tour of the country with VegVoyages. Bon voyage, bitches!
  • If I said it once, I’ll say it a bazillion times: Vaute Couture coats are gorgeous and somehow even cheaper than they were last week as part of an end-of-season sale. Check. It. Out. (Thanks, Dan!)
  • Slate weighs in on that ridiculous “is your SUV more environmentally-friendly than your dog???” wanna-be controversy and comes down on the feed-your-pet-vegetarian side. Excellent.
  • Manhattan borough president Scott Stringer proposes NYC schools adopt Meatless Mondays. Tastes like victoryyy!

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    Good news about Meatless Mondays! I hadn’t seen that, thanks for sharing.