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Three Days Later: Vegan Drinks XV, The Recap

Check out these and many more pictures of the event in Matthew's Vegan Drinks XV flickr set.

Check out these and many more pictures of the event in Matthew’s Vegan Drinks XV flickr set.

Did your dinner consist only of marshmallows and beer on Thursday night? Well, mine did. Sorta. I also feasted on Sweet and Sara Rocky Road Bark and Smores. I suppose I drank a few gin and tonics, too. (Sorry, Mom.)

I wasn’t alone. NYC’s finest vegans and the vegan-curious gathered for the 15th Vegan Drinks at Angels & Kings bar. We sampled treats from Sweet and Sara throughout the evening. We drank fancy cocktails and cheap beer and ice cold water. Some of us were spotted roasting marshmallows above the votive candles scattered around the room. It’s true, those marshmallows melt!

We made new friends, some of whom plugged their projects during the Shout Outs portion of the evening: Jessica announced the upcoming Veggie Conquest on August 22nd, Edita talked about the Tony Avella fundraiser on August 5th, Alice asked for help with Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) in Crown Heights, Lydia represented the brand new Mercy For Animals NYC office and made the call for painters and IKEA furniture assemblers to lend a hand, and Matthew (our unofficially official photographer) has some friends getting married soon who are looking for bakers to help them produce a critical mass of vegan cupcakes. If you want to get in touch with any of the folks listed herein, email and we’ll hook you guys up. Platonically, of course.

The Vegan Drinks organizers would like to thank Jesse at Angels & Kings for being a swell bartender and not just another pretty face, Sara Sohn of Sweet and Sara for treating us to an assortment of her bliss-inducing goods, and everyone who came to hang with us.

See you at the next Vegan Drinks on Thursday, August 27th at Angels & Kings from 7pm to 9pm. Get on our mailing list!


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    whats the sanctity of thursdays-to kep out superawkwardvegans?

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    Sriram, nope, Thursday still attracts the awkward amongst us. Vegan Drinks is an after work (if you work days) event that doesn’t wish to compete with all of the awesome stuff happening around the city on weekend nights. See you there next month?

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    ha-ok..will try to be there-thx.

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    Marshmallows contain gelatin. Is there a brand of marshmallows that is free of animal-derived gelatin?

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    This is a set up, right? Well, I’ll play along:

    Sweet & Sara’s marshmallows are VEGAN.

    Dandies (marshmallows made by the Chicago Soy Dairy) are VEGAN.