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TJ’s Also Coming to Queens: Later, Rather Than Sooner

Future Trader Joe's at 90-30 Metropolitan Avenue

Future Trader Joe’s at 90-30 Metropolitan Avenue

Brooklyn isn’t the only borough getting a new outpost of that relatively vegan-friendly West Coast purveyor of loss-leading organic bananas and avocados: Trader Joe’s is also coming to Rego Park, Queens. None of us SuperVegans live in Queens, where the blog per capita rate is far below that of Brooklyn, so TJ’s November ’06 announcement seems to have slipped through the cracks. Seems the grocer has their best spokeswoman, Alison Mochizuki, on the case, too: though first slated to open in March, the store is now tentatively set to open for business in late September. When asked what the delay was, Mochizuki replied, “No reason.”

That’s almost enough to inspire me to pursue a career in public relations.


  1. Comment by

    al oof

    on #

    man, i got soooo excited by the title of this, because i thought we were talking about TJ’s House Of Pizza! which is one of my favorite places to eat ever. oh well.

    unfortunately i have very little love for trader joe. i mean, he’s ok. but he doesn’t really do it for me.

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    on #

    TJ’s is the Wal*Mart of Natural Foods.

  3. Comment by

    Jason Das

    on #

    Isn’t Walmart the Walmart of natural foods these days? “Natural Foods” is nobody’s exclusive ghetto anymore, for better or worse.

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    on #

    The problem is one of sustainability. In order to ensure strong organic standards, and use up less environmental resources, we must really look to buying LOCAL organics from smaller scale family farms. The large scale corporate organic farms are not a very meaningful option. They use up countless resources shipping their goods all over the continent and, although they don’t use chemical pesticides, they tend to treat the land as a money machine, rather than something which must be taken care of for the long haul.

    For more info about why Walmart and other corporate organics are little more than a dirty joke, go here: