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Tofu in Translation; NYC-style, of course


I <3 Tofu just about as much as I <3 NYC and I <3 fetus dumplings

While we’re on the topic of tofu and Tofutti, let it be known that I’m pretty convinced that anyone who truly hates tofu simply has never had it done right. I also believe tofu has never been given its due alongside other great Chinese inventions like paper, the compass, noodles, and of course the finger trap.

Though I enjoy tofu in most of its wrung and/or processed form du jours (like quiche, frittatas, and cream cheese), old school tofu in its basic and natural state of goodness is still my favorite. (No, no, no! NOT raw tofu, silly!)

Thankfully, our fine restaurant friends in NYC do a great job of giving the culinary soy chameleon some proper justice and respect. Here are some of my favorites. And to my fellow tofu aficionados … any additional recommendations? Comment away please.

Blossom: Beet & Tofu Salad
This delectable warm salad starter features roasted beets and perfectly baked and caramelized tofu in sweet & spicy sauce served over mixed greens. It absolutely breaks my heart that this does not come in entrée size.

Kate’s Joint: Buffalo UnChicken Wings and Southern Fried Tofu Cutlets
Great sauces and great breading are the secrets to Kate’s incredible tofu dishes. The wings are smothered in a perhaps as authentic as you can get classic vinegary spicy sauce and served with vegan ranch dressing and celery sticks. Kate’s has always been known for having the best gravy in town, and paired with their equally well-recognized mashed potatoes, the southern fried tofu cutlets are simply the perfect comfort food.

Pukk: Son-In-Law Tofu
The panko-crusted rounds of silken tofu paired with a flavorful sweet & sour tamarind sauce may just be a match made in heaven. The delightful tofu melts in your mouth and the bed of Asian greens (usually baby bok choy and napa cabbage) that the tofu is served over adds another exciting layer of flavor and texture to this perfect dish.

‘sNice: Triple Decker Tofu Club Sandwich’s Grub Street may feature City Bakery’s new barbecued tofu sandwich as its sandwich of the week, but my favorite tofu sandwich is definitely this triple decker at ‘sNice. The fakin’ bacon has a lot to do with it – contributing not only crunchy texture to the sandwich, but also an addictive and aromatic taste. Hopefully they won’t be rotating this off their menu come spring time when they do their seasonal menu adjustments.

Soy Luck Club: Tofu Salad, Avocado, and Soy Mayo Sandwich
Honestly, I sometimes catch myself dreaming of this sandwich. This is creamy, savory goodness served with fresh slices of avocado between awesome slices of raisin bread. I highly recommend adding soy chicken to the sandwich for just $2 extra bucks and enjoying the sandwich with their signature green tea soy latte.

Gosh. I’m getting hungry. =O)

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    Great post. I will have to try these dishes. I’m Korean and I grew up on tofu, and my favorite preparation is still just plain, unprocessed tofu lightly browned with a bit of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and onions on top.