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As of October, 2013, SuperVegan is no longer under active development.
The site content remains online in the interest of history.

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Tofu the Vegan Zombie: Not So Vegan

Tofu the vegan action figure, to be unveiled at this weekend's NYC Toy Fair.

Tofu the vegan action figure, to be unveiled at this weekend’s NYC Toy Fair.

In this new web game you can play as Tofu the Vegan Zombie in his efforts to retrieve Lab Monkey #5, who’s run off with Professor Vost’s important research documents. If you/Tofu don’t catch Monkey, you turn into a meat-eating zombie; if you do succeed, you return Monkey to a life of lab experiments. Tofu is apparently a bad vegan. Lab Monkey #5 is the one who made Tofu a “friendly” herbivore in the first place, by replacing his evil zombie brain with a chunk of tofu–which actually looks more like Swiss cheese… And look at the thanks he gets.

The website links to the Vegan Society, but I have a feeling they wouldn’t approve.


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    It appears that a recent installment of Unshelved may have been inspired by this game.

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    Just to clarify….Lab Monkey #5 has never been experimented on…not sure where that came from. Lab Monkey #5 is Professor Vost’s Lab Assistant. Vost experiements on Zombies…that is all.

    “Tofu” is able to walk among both the human and zombie world with safety and ease, however, he is never fully trusted or accepted by either group. The professor’s daughter Addie helps “Tofu” blend into the human world by bringing him along with Lab Monkey #5 for fun and adventures. However, Lab Monkey #5’s mischievous, playful nature always gets “Tofu” and Addie into trouble.

    Full story here:

    Enjoy the Site!

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    We now have a movie at the site….watch it here: