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Tofurky cures hangovers!

A Scottish newspaper, The Daily Record, recently interviewed celebrities to discover their hangover cures. Here’s what Moby had to say:

My hangover cure is pretty complicated. Before you go to sleep, you have to have some sort of food that’s quite salty. I have this vegan stuff called Tofurky, a tofu substitute for turkey, which is really good. I make a sandwich with that, mustard and cucumber, followed by a big glass of carrot-orange juice. The next day, when I wake up, I make up a drink that’s a mix of bananas, ginger, carrot-orange juice, spiralina and cayenne pepper. Then, because I’m vegan, I order greasy, vegan Chinese food, with green tea, followed by some sort of vegan chocolate.

Greasy Chinese Food and Tofurky? Who knew!


  1. Comment by


    on #

    I don’t think you need a hangover to enjoy that regimen. mmm salt + grease + chocolate = success, with or without alcohol.

  2. Comment by

    Kelly Wright

    on #

    Sauerkraut soup is a nice cure too, though not many people like it. But it works! Even eating raw cabbages with a bit of salt relieves the hangover. And lots of pure water throughout the morning!