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Tortured Calves Video Inspires Mercy for Animals Supporter to Match Vegan Drinks Donations Up to $2,500

You’ve probably caught this undercover footage of little calves being bludgeoned with pickaxes at E6 Cattle Co. that Mercy for Animals released last week. That is, if you haven’t been hiding under a nice, heavy rock, which I have, because I can’t bear to watch any more videos, please god, no more videos of little animals being kicked and burned, AHH!

If you did watch it, you’re in very good, anonymous company; after seeing the video, an MFA supporter is matching donations to the org up to $2,500 at Vegan Drinks this Thursday, April 28. Which is so great, because who doesn’t love MFA? I mean, really, is there anyone? Because I will find them, and peel their eyes open and force them to watch this video because it is what’s UP.

Oh, and disclaimer before I post the video: I found it super disturbing. To be totally up-front, actually, I could only stand about 25 seconds, so I’m posting it below, but BE WARNED, this will make you wonder why, why, why there isn’t a cow on her hind legs stabbing farmers with a pitchfork and yelling, YOU LIKE THAT, YOU SICK SON OF BITCH? THAT’S WHAT YOU DID TO MY BABY, and recording that, and posting it on YouTube to put the fear of death in all their twisted farmer friends.

But do watch. If nothing else, it’ll make you want to empty your wallet at Vegan Drinks, leaving yourself only enough moola to buy Matt Rice, MFA’s Director of Operations, and Eddie Garza, their New York Campaign Coordinator, a very tall beer.

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