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Trans-Fats and Tofutti Cheese, Not So ‘sNice

‘sNice owner Mike Walter has been scrambling to get rid of all hydrogenated oils on his menu since New York City passed a ban on trans-fats last year. First it was the cream cheese (Tofutti); then the more insidious margarine (Willow Run soy-based – three grams each serving, and three boxes in my freezer right now). Mike Walter thought his Tofutti American cheese was okay. Mike Walter was wrong.

“You can go to McDonalds,” Walter said when I broke the bad news. “You can sit on the couch all day smoking Marlboros. But you can’t have Tofutti.”

So why didn’t Walter know that? Because Tofutti flouts the law. Food manufacturers are required to include a “trans fat” count on the Nutritional Information of all products. Tofutti cheese lacks this basic info, and so, in turn, do restaurants such as s’Nice and Foodswings. It’s great to see Walter and ‘sNice making an effort to change. But perhaps a mystery has been solved: is this where that awful plastic cheese smell comes from..?

This is part three of SuperVegan’s “No more trans-fats? But how will I go on?” series on the ban as it affects vegans in New York City (unlike those in LA – see, I don’t hate everything about LA!). Read part one and part two, and eat Tofutti cheese on your sandwiches here and here – if you’re into that sort of thing.

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