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“Turning Green” With Teens For Safe Cosmetics

Teens For Safe Cosmetics will have an eco-conscious fashion show Friday, April 4 at 41 Broad Street in New York’s Broad Street Ballroom from 7:00-9:30 pm. “Turning Green,” presented by Whole Foods Market, will also feature a green spa with makeovers, mini spa treatments, gift bags and sweets and treats (make sure they’re vegan before you chew).

The average teen uses between 15 and 25 products a day containing about 200 synthetic chemicals. Their mission is “to educate peers and the community about healthier choices; to inspire teens across the nation to become powerful advocates for legislative change and protect their right to health.” Planet-conscious gals and guys are sure to go home better educated while looking and feeling more beautiful.

Space is limited. Suggested donations for general admission is $20. Contact or 415 289 1001.

Quick! Raid your bathroom cabinets and check for the following chemicals to avoid in your cosmetics, skin and personal care products:butyl acetate, butylated hydroxytoulene, coal tar, cocamide dea/lauramide dea diazolidinyl urea, ethyl acetate, formaldehyde, parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl), petrolateum (petroleum), phthalates (dibutyl phthalates, propylene glycol, sodium laureth sulfate, talc, toluene, triclosan and triethanalomine.

There are dozens of personal care products with greener alternatives. Among them are Care By Stella McCartney, Dr. Bronner’s, Jurlique, Pangea Organics, Vermont Soapworks and Jason Natural Personal Care Products. (I often use their products. What can I say? I identify with the name…)


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    I personally like Aubrey Organics. Most are vegan and all of them contain natural preservatives like citrus formulas versus parabens, etc. There are products for both women and men.

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    I like Aubrey Organics too! Yes, most are vegan. I really like their men’s Pine Spray deodorant; it’s very fresh. They also have a great mask/facial scrub.

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    I just discovered Ecco Bella uses parabens, though they claim it’s such a small percentage, it’s harmless. Hmm.
    I’m looking for a good base/foundation for fair, sensitive skin.

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    Organic Cosmetics

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    It feels good to see that more and more cosmetic companies are coming forward to promote organic cosmetics and safe cosmetics. It is wonderful that Teens For Safe Cosmetics would conduct an eco-conscious fashion show to support the cause. :-)

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    natural soap

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    I think this is a great initiative to teach teens about effects of chemical skin care products and help them to understand necessity of using natural skin care products.