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Two Galapagos Puppies for Adoption!

Hello all. On August 9th, 2009, two of the most adorable and tragic Galapagos rescue puppy cases will arrive in the US, and both are available for adoption. Please help us find them a home!

Foxy and Hoover, two rescue puppies from Galapagos who need homes in the US.

Both puppies are ridiculously friendly and well-tempered, both love people and dogs and cats, both are trained easily, and both have endured some of the worst tragedies and tortures that no living creature should ever have to. They both greatly deserve loving homes to make up for their awful childhoods. Anyone interested in the pups can email me at

Here are both their stories:

Hoover’s Story: Experimental Surgery

Hoover was a hungry street puppy, and the Galapagos city pound picked him up. Friends adopted Hoover from the pound one day before the pound was going to put him down, but by policy, the pound must spay or neuter any dog they adopt out. Now, as important as that policy is, the Galapagos city pound unfortunately does not have trained medical staff to perform this surgery, so an untrained employee neutered Hoover.

During the entire surgery, Hoover was completely awake, he was not numbed at all, and he was watching himself get operated on as he howled and slammed his head against the metal surgery table. Over the course of the two hour operation, Hoover howled so loudly that people outside the building shuddered from it.

Hoover, right after his crippling surgery.

After the surgery, Hoover’s medical ordeal escalated. Due to complications from the botched and dirty surgery, Hoover suffered horrendous infections, indescribable pain, and a life-threatening heart arrhythmia from improperly dosed surgical medicine. To make a long story short, multiple local veterinarians we worked with had to give Hoover almost daily emergency treatments to keep him alive for the next nine days. The amount of pain and visible suffering he went through during this time was heartbreaking.

It’s been weeks since Hoover’s surgery, and thankfully he’s almost fully recovered, he’s quite happy and playful, and he gives loads of affection.

Hoover, now. He has a Scottish Fold thing going on with one of his ears.

We don’t know his exact age, since he was a street dog, but he’s lost at least three baby teeth since his surgery. He loves to play, run, wrestle, and snooze with the puppy who has become his sister, Foxy.

Foxy’s Story: Eaten Alive

Foxy is an optimistic, whimsical, friendly puppy. But she started off as a tiny, hungry street dog with a severe parasite problem that seemed almost unreal.

Foxy did have normal ticks, although she had such a severe case of them that she had multiple ticks on her eyes. She also had a not-uncommon island fungus infection, although it was visibly uncomfortable for her, and it was making her head bald.

Her most serious issue, however, was intestinal parasites. They weren’t just in her intestines. If you looked at her underside, you could actually see the parasites under her skin, burrowing through her.

Foxy, post-treatments. She most often says “Huwah?” as you can see here.

After all her treatments for these issues, however, you couldn’t tell that she ever had a single health problem. Spry, bouncy, and almost impossibly happy, she loves to follow people around and sit on their lap.

Any Takers?

The two pups are a joy to have around, but in Galapagos they would face hard times long term. Locals have warned us repeatedly of factors like the terrible busy Galapagos traffic that wreaks havoc on local dogs.

Foxy and Hoover sharing a dog bone for the evening.

They’re flying to the US from Galapagos in August, and they will be in NYC on August 9th. We’re looking for any responsible owner in the US who would like to pamper them and keep them safe.

We’d ideally like to keep them together, although we understand they may have to be separated if that would give them the best chance. We’re currently trying to secure transport cages for both animals (it will also cost a small fortune to get all their travel details in order, so if anyone wants to help, I have a PayPal link at

Once again, anyone interested in the pups can email me at Thank you!


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    Oh! These puppies are so beautiful, what sad lives they have had until now. But fortunately they will end up in good hands, I just know it. I’ll share this on facebook. I really, really wish I could help with the transportation costs but unfortunately I’m a college student who could not find a job this summer so I have literally no money. :(

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    I posted this on Facebook too… SuperVegan peeps please update us when they get adopted!

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    Please update us on the pups, have they found a nice home yet? Thanks

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    How are the puppies doing, Tod? Have they had a safe journey found a home? Hope all’s well with both them and you xxx