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Two Horses Died While Filming Flicka Flick

Filming was not as idyllic as the poster would have you believe.

Filming was not as idyllic as the poster would have you believe.

Two horses perished last year during filming of the My Friend Flicka remake, which is set to be released in a few weeks.

The deaths occurred under the supervision of the American Humane Association, which has been charged with overseeing the safety of animals in films since a horse died during shooting on the 1939 film Jesse James. But the organization has been accused of having a conflict of interest because it is funded by the Screen Actors Guild.

While the AHA said the Flicka-related deaths were unavoidable, one way to prevent such fatalities is to not use live animals in movies in the first place.

Because of the deaths, the AHA’s “No animals were harmed…” disclaimer will not appear at the end of the film, and the organization is said to be looking into stricter guidelines for animal uses in films, including the possible ban of rodeo scenes.

Tell the AHA that the deaths of animals for the sake of human entertainment is not acceptable, and ask everyone you know not to patronize the film.

Thanks to Frank Language for letting us know about this.

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    I’ve been told by people in the industry that the AHA is essentially a sham organization that does little or nothing to prevent cruelty and was invented as a way to appease audiences. Several years ago, I know Bob Barker was a leading critic of their organization, but I have not followed up since then.

    Rest assured that if you see an animal in a movie or on a television screen, it is likely that the animals was not treated well.