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Two SuperVegans Rank Among VegNews’s “20 Under 30!”

SuperVegan Patrick Kwan

SuperVegan Patrick Kwan

Supervegan’s own Patrick Kwan and Olivia Lane (both are New York City natives) are in the March/April 2009 issue of VegNews! The article presents 20 young activists under 30, those who comprise the faces of vegetarianism’s future in, “20 Under 30” (on page 40).

At 27, politically passionate and founder of the Student Animal Rights Alliance (SARA), Patrick “is a kick-ass animal advocate” who has enhanced the lives of animals since high school. His work has trained thousands of students in activism. Humorous and kitchen savvy with a proclivity for bad haircuts, “which I get all the time,” Patrick is the New York State Director for The Humane Society of the United States. Through his position he has raised awareness on critical issues from puppy mills to canned hunts. (Check out a recent interview Patrick did with Gothamist!)

Olivia, SuperVegan co-founder and the vividly vivacious vegan that she is, says in regard to the growing world of veg-themed blogs, “It’s millions of different bloggers and commenters adding to the diversity of the public image of vegans and to the discourse of what it means to live an ethical lifestyle.” In conjunction with her activism, the 29-year-old earns a living at eco-friendly boutique Sustainable NYC and as a hostess for Angelica Kitchen.

Other luminaries on the “20 Under 30” list include:

  • 23-year-old League of Humane Voters of New York City (LOHV-NYC) Executive Director John Phillips is a young man on the move. With his bipartisan approach Phillips’ ultimate goal is to improve the lives of animals. “I have the best job ever,” he says.
  • Melisser Elliot, 28, is the sugary founder of Sugar Beat Sweets and her blog The Urban Housewife. “People love to talk over cupcakes.”
  • Jasmin Singer, 29, is Farm Sanctuary‘s newly appointed National Advocacy Organizer and working with LOHV-NYC in a continued effort to ban foie gras in New York State.
  • Nathan Runkle, 24, has generated powerful momentum with his organization, Mercy for Animals, which he founded at age 15. “Be creative…and always speak the truth.”
  • 29-year-old vegan bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, Robert Cheeke says, “My message is to truly believe in yourself, and do exceptional things as a result.”
  • Rain Melody Corbett, 14, created her growing grassroots organization Peaceable Kids, focusing on dairy and meat industry awareness and tools to prompt change.
  • Rick Corbett (Rain’s brother), 22, has utilized his multiple talents as an actor, writer, and public speaker in advocating for animals since age 13. “Self improvement is world improvement.”
  • 23-year-old Brian Grupe. In addition to being an Elvis and Johnny Cash impersonator, Brian is Vegan Outreach‘s Bay Area Outreach Coordinator. “I always get a kick out of people breaking stereotypes,” he says.
  • At 17, Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart lobbied against dissection in her high school anatomy class, which later became a state bill mandating dissection alternatives in public schools. Now 26, she’s launching vegan high-fashion with Vaute Couture.
  • Hannah Kaminsky, 20, published My Sweet Vegan as a teen and has another cookbook in the works. “Veganism is all about preventing cruelty to animals, so I just want to get more people baking without using animal products. Every little bit helps.”
  • 24-year-old Live Anchor Nicole Lapin is a vegan mover and shaker! Her weekly segment “Young People Who Rock” highlights “talented, motivated, don’t-take-no-for-an-answer leaders in politics, business, entertainment, and social activism.”
  • 2007 Veggie Award winner of “Restaurant of the Year” for Spiral Diner & Bakery, 28-year-old founder Amy McNutt has a new project: The Citizen Theater. With her filmmaker husband, James Johnston, she plans to to open this country’s first art-house theater complete with only vegan concessions.
  • Ramsey Sprague, 25, not only helped launch Spiral Diner, he was involved in getting community center 1919 Hemphill up and running. The venue for Fort Worth’s politically progressive enables sharing, networking and building stronger grassroots movements.
  • Compassionate living proponent and martial arts fighter, Ricardo Moreira, 28 says these two different ideals share a respect for life at the core. The karate black belt says, “You can’t reach self-perfection without it.”
  • Florine Morrison, now 22, opened VegOut as the only vegan cafe in Stratford, Ontario at age 19. With plans to expand her work, “I will be able to promote and host many more events that share my values and commitment to help end animal suffering.”
  • 24-year-old Kath Rogers founded the non-profit Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) with her husband Bryan Pease in 2002. Rogers says, “Being an activist is the most meaningful life you could ask for.”
  • Teen Georgia Animal Rights & Protection Group founder Meili Swanson received the Young Animal Activist award at the 2008 Animal Rights National Conference. Vegan since January 1, 2008 she says, “Wherever my life takes me, I plan on forever being involved with animal rights!”
  • Voted 2007’s Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door and entering his second year as President of Michigan State University’s Students Promoting Animal Rights, 22-year-old Drew Winter has good intentions. He plans to see more veg options labeled and served in all school cafeterias in addition to various other projects he’s planning.

Congratulations to all those selected! Pick up the current issue of VegNews for more on “Gen Y’s Standout Stars!”


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    YAY Patrick and Olivia!

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    Thanks so much for posting this. And congrats to everyone! Jasmin here, and I wanted to clarify one thing… Though it is one of our intentions to ban foie gras production in New York State (and everywhere), we haven’t done so…yet! It was worded a bit cryptically in the article and perhaps led people to believe that we have banned foie gras production. To get involved with our campaign against foie gras, please email me at Thanks again!

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    Hi Jasmin! Yes, I agree. Thanks for the clarification.

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    This was very inspiring to somebody young!