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Universal pet microchip scanner now available!

Though just a small scanable device worn under the skin, a microchip can mean the difference between life and death for a lost dog or cat. This simple device contains all the crucial information a vet or rescuer may need to reconnect an animal with his or her guardian.

I was surprised to learn that only 5 percent of dogs in the United States are sporting microchips (compared to the one in four European canines wearing such devices). Perhaps this is due to the frustration that microchips made by competing U.S. brands require different scanners. What good is a microchip if the rescuers don’t have the proper equipment to read it?

The good news is Newsweek reports that Bayer Healthcare has alleviated this problem by creating a universal microchip scanner which can read the information on microchips made by all competitive companies. The corporation has already donated 20,000 readers to shelters and animal hospitals across the country.

Thanks to DawnWatch for tipping us on this story.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    Hi there.
    I would expect this sort of article at many places… but at supervegan?? I thought this place was about respect for animals folks … :(

    If you are looking to expose your cat or dog to early phase experimentation with unproven technologies that have been shown on many occasions to cause cancer (see for instance here
    then be my guest, and micro-chip your loved one.

    But I have a craaazy idea– how about having your pet just wear a collar with updated info… since when did we decide to opt-in to a super-surveillance society on the off chance of 0.01% that your dog or cat might run away without their collar on?? I wont get into such trivial things as something we used to refer to as animal rights, because it would be lost on the writer of this article, who takes it at face value without a glance that microchips are a necessary thing.

    Whats next? proposing we use these on humans for our children\’s own safety?

  2. Comment by

    ivan mandelik

    on #

    Matt, your an idiot, in Australia it is law to microchip all cats and dogs and let me tell you the dogs that dont have them get put down when picked up by the pound and the ones that have them get saved by the owners or at least the owners can be identified and fined if they wernt looking after the animals welfare , you tool

  3. Comment by


    on #

    Yea, I think Matt’s an idiot too. That study is very poor. We have to chip all our cats including ferals at our rescue facility. With ferals, it’s the only way to keep any kind of records for vax and health including weight, etc. A collar on cats is a very dangerous idea since they can get tangled and choke–same for dogs. And if they get out of their collar and caught by animal control, they’ll be euthanized in our neck of the woods.
    Chipping kids? The way things are–it might be worth considering.

  4. Comment by


    on #

    Yea, we have to chip our pets…and our children…and why not chip yourself as well. Lets just chip the whole planet. I mean what could possible be wrong with putting a number on every living thing. Hey and if you don’t take care of your pet, child or other chipped devices we can stop you from buying and selling right? Hey you know this is all starting to sound familiar. Wow man, what a wonderful idea this numbering thing could be!

  5. Comment by

    Dr. Dassanayake

    on #

    Microchipping dogs is becomming popular in Sri Lanka. I own a leading Animal Hospital in Colombo,in the capital of Sri Lanka. At present there is a reasonable demand for microchipping. Specially for the dogs going to Europe as the pets of expatriates working here.

    Appreciate if Bayer could make arrangements to provide a microchip reader for the use in our Clinic and in other public health veterinary activities where we are involved in mass immunizations of dogs and mass sterilizations of bitches for the public free of charge.

    We are also a very good user of Bayer Veterinary products.

    Your due consideration would be much appreciated,
    Thank you,

    Dr. R M P H Dassanayake.