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Update on Juliet the carriage horse

Lots of folks are getting active to get justice for Juliet the Central Park carriage horse who died last Friday.

Edita Birnkrant, NYC Coordinator for Friends of Animals and a founding member of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages, reports that the New York Times article on Juliet’s death contained many inaccuracies due to the fact that most of the information came from the carriage driver. Ms. Birnkrant says that a vet never arrived on the scene and advised the driver to beat the horse, as the article claims. In fact, the beating may have contributed to, or even caused, Juliet’s death.

The ASPCA is currently conducting an investigation to discover how and why Juiet died and if this is a case of criminal misconduct. The necropsy results are expected in a few days. Perhaps then we’ll have more answers.

Tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 21) PETA will host a protest of NYC’s carriage rides at City Hall. Activists will meet at Noon on Park Row between Spruce and Frankfort Streets. If you can attend, please call campaigner Matt Rice at 757-943-0340 and let him know you’re coming.


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    Its a shame that animal rights extremists mouths water waiting for something to pounce on against the horse & carriage service.The night Juliet died,the aspca was no where to be found,as ususal the NYC Mouned Police was there to assist the driver and horse.They seemed to think everything was being done to help the situation.Animals do have rights,however they have the right to get sick as well,and occasionally,as sad as it is,they can die too.These extremists always chalk it up to abuse,rather than listen to facts and reality.I wonder wherems.birnkrant,gets her info from.All i see on these animal welfare groups are ,pay pal,and donation forms,so its veryeasy to figure they exploit the horses and the owners/drivers misfortune.That is cruel.

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    It sounds like poor Juliet had colic, the number one killer of horses everywhere, city and country. It is basically a stomachache caused because horses can not throw up. Standard practice is to keep the horse on their feet and walking until the vet can get there. If the horse lies and rolls they can flip their intestines and barring extremely risky surgery, they are almost surely going to die. Sometimes you have to make the horse stay on his feet and sometimes you have to whip them to make them do it. This is never easy to do to the animal you love who is suffering already. But it may save his life. Imagine this poor owner being threatened while he was doing what he believed to be correct. He was forced to stop what his vet had told him to do. That delay may have killed Juliet. It’s a shame that most well-meaning people, including animal rights people, have no idea what is normal for a horse.