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Van Leeuween Now Serves Vegan Ice Cream!

vanluicecreamVan Leeuwen, an ice creamery and bakery in NYC, has started serving vegan ice cream! The comapny announced last night that they will be serving coconut-based ice cream in chocolate and vanilla flavors at all of their storefronts and trucks in the city. Made using organic coconut cream, the flyer announcing the new confection boasts that this isn’t just your average chocolate and vanilla, but rather “Michel Cluizel chocolate” and “Cold Ground, Oak Barrel Aged” vanilla. This might explain the cost, at $5.50 for a small serving and $7.50 for a large.


My ideal Tuesday lunch

It’s 80 degrees in Brooklyn today and I just happened to be right around the corner from Van Leeuwen’s Boerum Hill location during my lunch break, which meant that I was obligated to taste-test the new ice cream. I brought a friend, because I just had to try both flavors for any curious parties out there (you’re welcome). I know, ice cream for lunch. Us vegans have it rough.

The chocolate was extremely chocolate-y and not too sweet, with no hint of coconut flavor. The vanilla had a hint of coconut-y taste, but was good. Overall, I’ve had better, but I’ve also had worse. And yes, Van Leeuwen serves vegan ice cream cones, according to the nice lady who served my scoop.

Walking down the street and grabbing a cone when the craving hits has just become a little bit easier for vegans in New York City, but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to try this ice cream. It’s no Lula’s (which is temporarily closed, unfortunately), and costs about as much of a pint of vegan ice cream from Whole Foods. Still, kudos to Van Leeuwen for taking the leap and reaching out to the vegan community. We can only hope other business will follow suit.


  1. Comment by


    on #

    The price seems just above average to me. Sundaes from my favorite shop in Austin are about $5.50. But it’s amazing!

  2. Comment by

    al Oof

    on #

    I’m not sure that Austin and nyc generally have the same prices for things. the vegan van leeuwen’s is more than he dairy version, which I’m skeptical of considering how much cream and eggs are. but their dairy ice cream is also relatively expensive.

    anyway! what I really wanted to say is that you can get chocolate AND vanilla in the small size, because it is 2 scoops, kinda. so us loners can try both flavours at once too!

  3. Comment by

    Ali - YumVeggieBurger

    on #

    That’s great news! I’ve often walked past their truck and felt disappointed that they had no vegan ice creams. Next time I’ll be sure to stop and try these new flavors :)

  4. Comment by

    Elisa Verna

    on #

    @Lizz – So you’re saying I should move to Austin, then?

    @al Oof – I agree, NYC is hella expensive when it comes to vegan food. I’m not really sure if it has to do with the price of ingredients, or the fact that people in the city are just willing to pay a higher price for “luxury” or “health food” items, which vegan food is often categorized as.

  5. Comment by

    Birdy& Bambi

    on #

    We love the blog! And we love ice-cream.
    The other day we found an ice-cream-vending machine which was really amazing (and also had vegan icecream!!!):

    Greetings from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi