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Veg Chic & Sleek for Spring

Filed under: Apparel Shopping

Spring is only two weeks away and for many style-conscious vegans it’s time for wardrobe updating! Vegans don’t have to change personal style to make a statement. Thankfully, we have more options when it comes to clothes shopping, especially in warmer weather. With cotton, linen, Lycra rayon and other man-made fibers, it’s easy to replace and discard items while maintaining cruelty-free standards this season. I’ve surprised many when I show and tell them my shoes and belts are not made of leather when they “test” me on what I’m wearing.

For those new to veganism, remember it is a process. It is not always practical or financially feasible to replace an entire wardrobe at one time. So, do what you can within your means. However, it is imperative to our cause to be proactive in this regard whenever possible. has many links to online shopping resources.

Finding acceptable clothes doesn’t present as much of a challenge as shoes, yet even that is becoming a little easier thanks to retailers like Target, Payless, and of course NYC’s very own Mooshoes. Also, Forever 21 (which I recenlty discovered also offers menswear) has youthful fur-free clothing. If this winter chill lasts a little longer than expected, Lands’ End is so faux with shearling and suede items too!

Speaking of faux. See something cute and not too expensive on the rack with faux fur labels? A no-brainer right? Think again. Helen Rayshick, cofounder of the Massachusetts Animal Rights Coalition reminds cruelty-conscious consumers to be weary of faux fur labels on items less than $150. Thanks to a recent investigation by the Humane Society of the United States, we now know 96 percent of fur-trimmed jackets that were either not labeled or labeled as faux were actually made using the fur of dogs and wolves. I was shocked to learn this. Rayshick says, “It’s the one time that the label might not be a good indication. But that does give you an idea of how many people want to wear cruelty-free clothes – fur sellers are hiding what they’re actually selling. That would not have happened five years ago. They would have touted the fact that it was real fur.”

This reiterates the fact we must always pay attention. Our collective spending is powerful. Double check the product, know which brands you can trust and thank them for it. If you really like something, send us the information.

Have fun, be bold and don’t be afraid to play with color. Also, remember to accessorize!

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