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Veg Mob Rule Continues in Mumbai

Filed under: India Religion Restaurants
A Valentine's Day protest in Mumbai

A Valentine’s Day protest in Mumbai

The militant vegetarians of Mumbai show no sign of lightening up. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that residents of the high-income Napean Sea Road area have repeatedly and effectively defeated anyone’s attempt to open a non-veg restaurant. Some choice quotes from the article:

When Pizza Hut tried to open a franchise near Walkeshwar last year, vociferous protests from area residents forced the company to turn the restaurant into the world’s first and only vegetarian Pizza Hut. But even that was not good enough and a few months later the new outlet was closed.

Sanjay Narang, a local restaurateur, owns the Roti chain of restaurants that serve northern Indian fare, such as tandoori chicken and rogan josh, tried to open one of his restaurants near a Jain temple. It was very unwelcome, Narang told the local press, and members of the Jain community living nearby spat on guests and pelted them with pebbles.

While there is certainly a dark underside of classism and religious discrimination to the situation (which we previously reported on a month ago), it’s hard not to feel good about it!

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    Sweet. ^_^

    That reminds me of a story I heard that when Burger King tried to open in Glastonbury, it was burned down by animal rights people. I hope that was true!